Friday, 27 September 2019

Saturday - Busy Busy

Another all singing Saturday with action all over the place.

Starting at the top of 4772 where Bob Mac was doing more work on the roof. Its often a point of discussion do you sit or kneel for this more and more the knees can't take it so its sit!

Also on high was Ken starting the removal of the corridor end by removing the rain cover. The end has to be loosened or removed so that the replacement of the base plate and crash pillars can be done.

Some more shunting now the set B wagon has gone. This time to create a little freight set for  visit the following day.

also to position one of the NYM carriages ready for swap into the main rake. Thereby removing the other one for some maintenance to be carried out.

Ian was making the most of the newly constructed vacuum cylinder work station. Another case of not having to bend over or sit on the floor to do the job.

Phil is still in the process of overhauling a lot of the electrical components.

The cover plates were then sent for painting. Now looking so much smarter.

John Hill soldiered on while the rest of the team were absent. Another seat base with new padding ready to be covered.

James, in for his last day before setting sail for pastures new, did some work on the end south end section 16221.

while John Osborn complete the medication of the radiator covers for the wheel chair section of 34929.

With no seat the pipes need a much longer cover so we have joined 3 together. her standing on end.

Chris was completing the threshold wood section for the adjacent Guards and passenger doors. 

Then screwing the floor back in place.

Thursday -

A combined blog today with pictures by both Dave and myself. I was in for an extra day.

Richard Hoy on the Malvern side of TSO 4772 doing more bodyside preparation

Roger Gooden doing an excellent job painting more grey on the Cotswold side [I've offered him a permanent place in the Painting Team]

Phil Jones on the roof of 4772, chipping off more loose paint.

Rex and Nick sorting out the position of a door hinge on the Cotswold side of 34929

Then it was cut out the pieces needed. The joy of a plasma cutter.

The new communication cord vacuum pipe put up by John Squires at the north end of 4772.

Ken adding the new door frame at the south end of CK 16221.

 Out in the yard there was some extensive shunting to relocate several wagons

 Including these 2 soon to depart vehicles

Friday, 20 September 2019

Wednesday -

With a bright sun shining, as is evident in several pictures, the day was one of warmth and mellow fruitfulness. That means that while there was a lot of work going it was at a stately pace.

With most of the upholstery team still away I joined John to assist with a set of seat swaps. We reinstalled restored seats in compartment 2 of 24949 and stripped out compartment 3.

Choose your spot and you get extra light shining on what you are doing.

We also got to try out the yard trolley with its new tyres. Ainsley come to do the pushing much easier than it you to be the holiday makers don't know what they are missing!

In the workshop Trevor and Derrick were hanging door 6 of 34929. This is the left hand of the double doors on the Cotswold side. This is only a temporary fit so that we can position the other door of the pair for the pillar that will support that door to be welded in position.

From the inside with the second door positioned and bracketed into place ready for the welders.

The internal double doors to the saloon area are two of compartment doors. The catch is that all compartment doors are the same hand so we have to rebuild one to get the opposite handed door.

Clamped, glued and left to set till next week.

work on another door pillar this the north end of 16221. a new section of structral steel in place and the skin to be reinstated.

Take the end off and you can expect the steelwork behind the wood to be rusted badly. Rex started removing it ready for more rebuilding work on 16221.

Derek taking advantage of the sun streaming into the workshop to line up the next cut on this section of floor support.

Ed starting on the mountain of wood that will become the framework for the Broadway footbridge

David checking out what needs sanding next on 4772. This the Malvern side.

A little light painting job for Tony on the paint tables.

With the structural repair competed on the north end of 34929 Ken set about reinstalling the emergency warning system.

Being on the sunny side of the running line, It was a great day for watching the trains go by from the works!

The last train south for the day. 

Saturday - getting back to normal

With the installation work for the fire alarm system upgrade largely done.The first thing was to ensure we had all the tables and scaffold towers in the right places before we shunted the carriages back in. its very easy to get a scaffold tower trapped either in the wrong place or the wrong way round.

Then it was remove the protective wrapping and back to work.

The scaffold towers having been carefully positioned before hand meant some quick action on the Shark from the ballast train. This lost its canvass roof back in the storms earlier in the year but was needed operationally so repairs at the time were not possible. Now we have it in the works

and Paul and Richard soon converted it into a cabriolet.


With the open roof Richard had a good vantage point to catch Dave inspecting 34929.


By the end of the day the roof was completely gone

and neatly stacked ready for transport to the Loco wood store

Steve was back to fitting the ceiling into the new saloon area of 34929.

and John returned to the assessment of the wheel sets

John was on his own in the upholstery section with the rest of the team away on holiday. So it was arm rest trimming and planning for the recovery of the next set of seats to work on. well teach them the have a holiday!

Wednesday - 18th

Sorry we are running rather late with the reports ast the moment. Largely due to the installation work and the need for some paperwork to be updated.

An unexpectedly large turn out on Wednesday despite knowing the works were empty for the fire alarm system upgrade. The Tuesday gang largely stayed away so no blog for Tuesday.

While much of the work was outside the woodwork shop was still a hive of activity with them grabbing all available space thus turning the paintshop into a second woodwork space for the day.

 This enabled Derek to make more progress with the corridor floor panels for 16221

With the forecast on the dodgy side we did some protective work on the carriages in the yard temporary covers over the open doorways and slider less windows.

A coat of grey over the unpainted filler. It doesn't take kindly to getting wet.

In the works the hi-ab of the Fire alarm people was central to the installation work

The upholstery shop was largely as usual Penny on the sewing machine

David working on side panels


and John limbering up for the turkey carving with the electric carving knife. The perfect tool for shaping foam!