Thursday, 1 August 2019

wednesday - Other things

There was some work done today but under something of a cloud.

perhaps a fitting comment on how we all felt Nick cleared this load of rubbish out from the frame of 16221 while he waited for Bryan to cut the top hat section of steel work to go under the south end toilet wall.

Once delivered Nick was soon welding it into position under the south end toilet wall before moving on to more work on outriggers along the Malvern side of the carriage.

At the north end Ken was removing to old step mounting bolts.

On 34929 the door team had the gantry out to hand one of the double doors. It came out of the hole be we were very doubtful it would fit back in after some extensive repairs.

It well sort off it did. We are fairly confident we know what adjustments will be needed for a good fit.

John Varley is starting work on the repairs to the bottom of next door. here using the original as a template to size up the new section of steel (the green) bit. 

Craig made a final adjustment to door 3 on 4798 we still need to do a little bit to the capping strip and paint it all.

The door team were sorting out sections of moquette to complete the first sat of seats for the first compartment of 24949's rolling upgrade.

The 2 David's both hard at work one seat stripping the other on arm rest trimming

Talking of trimming the seat pad for the guard seat in 34929 is now complete. There others working in the carriage knocking seven bells out of the guards compartment replacing the old windows and sanding the walls down. So we can't fit the seat just yet!

Eddie Geoff and Colin were working on making a swing door for the entrance to saloon from the carriage gangway.

The veneer panel for the door was later cut and fitted it need a lot of clamps to keep it in place!

HOPEFULLY I have now got this pair the right way round. Richard has joined the woodwork team

and Roger is also helping out with work on the doors for the salon. They started at about the same time and keep getting their names wrong. Sorry.

There was some more shunting underway it preparation for the DMU to be shunted out and the next carriage brought into the works.


With a vacuum cylinder in place on the work bench its rather easier to understand the design. The currently narrow shelf will in time become a draw to store the rubber cylinder rings and seals in.

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Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

It does seem that a pet does become a member of the family and the friends that they are introduced to them also becomes a friend to all. It is not suprising that the passing of a friend will affect you all. we lost our little friend 3 years agao now and still miss him, to the point that on my last visit in July I was asked where he was! So chin up every one, Rhea is still walking round checking up and making sure you are all OK, the fact that you cannot see her is irelevent.
Paul & Marion