Monday, 26 August 2019

Wednesday - Old Age

Old age seems to creep up on all of us. I hope you are lasting better than the Mk1 carriages! 

At 61 to 68 years old some of the joints are the worse for wear. This the inside of an inter carriage connection cable. Yes it was giving us electrical faults. what a surprise    no!

Hence Phil spends a lot of time rewiring various parts of the wiring. This one of the reading lamps for a compartment carriage. 

This door skin is definitely suffering. It will need a little more than a plaster or plastic surgery to fix.

As with this door pillar. The vertical was only attached by the smallest slither to the base section.

Nick set about removing a large section of the pillar to renew it as it wasn't in great shape further up either.

The door frames fare no better an new wood frame ready assembly with the metalwork.

Another compartment set of seats were retrieved from 24949 ready for restoring

Having been cross loaded and raised to the upholstery floor it was soon wheeled into the workshop and stripped. It the background is one almost ready to head out.

Rod was busy priming the board for Penny to paint the winter backdrop on. He is claiming an assist for the picture well he has painted the background after all.

Another section that doesn't fit on a Mk1 carriage. This a front grill from a diesel. The shinny bit on the left is a replacement section for the rusted original now removed. So the Diesels don't fare any better than the Mk1's when the rust mite is about.

The thresholds for the guard's doorways on 34929 have both been replaced of along with several of the other doorways!

I reckon 
1-  we are all doing a bit better than a MK1
2-  if surgery is needed it doesn't take 18 months in the operating theatre to fix us up
3-  the surgeons are bit more gentle
4.  we may complain about the waiting list time but 16221 has been waiting 26 years

So are you feeling any better? I hope so!


Buccaneer said...

The concept of a Mk1 Coach farting has made my day!

Anonymous said...

Having never heard a Mark 1 coach fart, I am unable to confirm whether or not I am farting better than a Mark 1. My wife advises me that the jury is still out!

Toddingtonted said...

You really need to have a sharp word with that spell checker of yours!

Woodster said...

It was Phil Salter!

Rob Owst said...

The Diesel in question looks very much like the radiator panel of a late Series 2a/Series 3 land Rover... Done the same repair on mine and tomorrow job is to fit it. Good luck keeping the carriages together, great blog as always.

Tony Kerrison said...

Well done on the endless work on the carriages, but the rogue 't' was worth waiting for! Since you ask, - yes, I am.

phil bilboe said...

mark 1s rusting yes farting probably!!!