Saturday, 24 August 2019

Tuesday - much the same

Just a short report as most of the concentration was on TSO 4772. As
each of the team turned up it was more or less choose a vacant area and
carry on with the sanding down, de-rusting and filling.

On the Malvern side were Richard Hoy and Keith.

On the Cotswold side,we had Cheryl, John and Dennis. We
are now at the stage where everything looks the same day after day. Such
are the joys of preparation until we can begin with the base coat of paint.

complete contrast to the noise and dust down below, it was nice to meet David Hewitt in Upholstery, who normally attends on a Wednesday. David was busy working on more of the replacements for the faded seating in SK 24949.

A glance down the corridor of CK 16221 provides a very grim looking "before" photo. Roll on the day when we can take the "after" shot with gleaming varnish and paint, and new lino. Derek was working in one the compartments.

John Hamer inspects the wheel treads on the bogies underneath TSO 4772.

John's Carriage Wheels and Tyres Inspection Sheet which will be marked up with his survey results.

Report by Dave Clark

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Gary Walker said...

What is John measuring in photo 4? Gary