Thursday, 29 August 2019

Tuesday-More TSO 4772

Yes, it's TSO 4772 yet again but some excellent progress.

Maurice was back on the roof, cleaning off more flaking paint at the south end.

Keith, Stu and John working along the Cotswold side. We are now clearing up along the coach to try and get whole areas completed ready for fresh paint.

Richard cleaning up sliders on the Malvern side of the coach.

In the Barn, Alan and John doing more filling and sanding on CK 16221.

At the north end Ainsley cuts out more old rusting panelling from the corner of the coach.

Enjoying the sunshine, Dennis cleans up a GWR boundary post for Toddington Museum, before coating it in red oxide and later brown undercoat. It was great weather for paint drying.

Alex has again been busy with destination boards for the station staff to use.

Report by Dave Clark

4 comments: said...

Fine and informative blog. What a talented chap Alex is. said...

Fine and informative blog. What a talented chap Alex is.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Nice to see 4772 and 16221 coming along so well.
Yes. Alex is a great asset to the team as his sign writing, (including professionals), is the best that I have seen.
Regards, Paul.

Gordon Smith said...

I hope Alex works at a local dentist after he qualifies, he's so good and loves the work. He once said something like if signwriting paid as much as dentistry, he'd do the former.