Thursday, 1 August 2019

Thursday - Just to hot

The title just about sums up what was a pretty unpleasant day with the temperatures way too high for most people. As such very few photos were taken.

Inside DMU 51405 Richard (later joined by me) started giving the old lino a really deep clean. It was hard hot work but well worth while as the ground-in dirt came away. Still some floor left to do, but it shouldn't take too long to finish.

With all the doors to the Works open we got a reasonable through draft, so the Barn was relatively comfortable. Enjoying the cooler air was Derek, who was clearing the wood above the ends of the floor cross members of CK 16221 in preparation for welding repairs by Nick.

On the same side of the coach Rob was adding red oxide to one of the window surrounds.

In preparation for the Diesel Gala the next day, the 03 propels three of the coaches that will make up the 4th Rake.

The 3rd Rake is later drawn out to remove the two FKs at the north end which will be used to complete the temporary 4th Rake.

Shunting completed with the 3rd and 4th Rakes all ready for collection the next day.

More Gala preparations finished with the viewing area at the end of the Barn set up ready.


The visitor information board set up in the Paintshop. 


Ready for the photographers, the DMU with all doors closed and steps cleared away, The refurbishment couldn't have been completed at a better time! 

Report by Dave Clark

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