Monday, 19 August 2019

Thursday - Cracked it

Great to be able to begin with a successful conclusion to a frustrating problem with the electrics in our 3rd Rake, causing blown fuses and inconsistent lighting. The root cause of failure was bared control wires in the jumper at the northwest corner of RMB1808, which because of the inconsistencies understandably took a bit of finding.. A new connection is being put on by Richard Budd.


In SK 24804 Bob top coats the south vestibule ceiling. This completes the ceiling painting that has been done throughout the coach, and I believe almost all the internal refurbishment.

In the Barn CK 16221 has had most of the window spaces repaired. Double glazed units have been ordered for the first class compartments. As can be seen, quite a bit of sanding down and filling have been done on both sides.

Rob prepares another section of sheet metal to be welded in on 16221.

While Bryan is preparing a section of top hat bar to replace part of one of the floor cross-members.

Although it looks as though BSK 34929 hasn't changed much, in reality doors are going back on, the guards compartment is being dealt with, and of course the new saloon build continues.

Immediately north of the new saloon is the new entrance vestibule where Pat removes some unwanted bolts at the base of the Cotswold side double door frame.

Finally into the Paintshop where TSO 4772 sits with the instruction whiteboard prominantly displayed.

With much of the centre section of the roof now cleaned up, Jim begins the removal of loose paint on the Cotswold side.

For Jeff and myself it was carry on with bodyside and doorframe/edge preparation. The latter I am particularly keen to get done early on in the process. In the past when top coating the coach sides it has occasionally been found that the internal edges of a door frame and door have been accidentally missed in the preparation - not good news to say the least!

Report by Dave Clark

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Very fine blog. Great job you are all doing, said...

Very fine blog. Great job you are all doing,