Monday, 19 August 2019

Silent Saturdsay

Well almost silent. There were very few, for us, in attendance today. This has given an opportunity to include one or 2 of the 'musings' that occurred.

However, first things first. Steve continued the great progress with the panelling of the new saloon area of 34929

This the Cotswold side was complete by the end of day.

John Squires was busy making some security brackets for the RMB 1808 in the third rake where we have had recent intruder issues.

Eddie is busy making the corner section for the interior window trims on 34929.

Dave busy removing the layer of varnish from 4772 in preparation for the repaint. The varnish reacted badly with the loco cylinder oil causing the very streaky appearance of the carriage hence the repaint.

Ian making the most and demonstrating the benefits of the new Vac cylinder work bench.

No bending over all the time

He also removed the DA Value from 4772 for an overhaul.

Richard was busy on the end of 1622. while completed the run of 48 bolts on the south end of 34929's gangway connector.

John Osborn has started making 2 new warning boards for the carriage rakes Alex no doubt will get to paint the wording layer 

John also takes a very nice picture. The King on its last pass of the day.

At the end of the day 2807 was toping up the water tanks ready for the Fish N Chips Toddington. 

A very nice run out in the evening sunshine and we very much enjoyed the Fish and Chips.


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St Blazey 1925 said...

Progress on 34929's disabled compartment is moving on well. It will look great when complete. Queen Victoria would have approved!!
Regards, Paul.