Thursday, 29 August 2019

Saturday - sunshine

There is no Blog report for Thursday as Dave was otherwise engaged with some work on 4772 and from a visitor from the West Somerset. Thus he had no chance get any pictures. Thus we jump to Saturday:

A warm day made warmer by John being enganged in strtaightening a twisted brake beam from a bogey under overhaul in the barn. Even with it straightened and having swapped spares around we failed to achieve the brake banance we were looking for. One of the 4 beams persistently came on before the others and withj no adjustmnets available, it is an uncompensated brake rig, we have to demote the bogie to the status of accomadation only.

Ian and Clive moved on to remove the brake cylinders from 4772 for a overhaul. There is plenty of time for this within the overhaul schedule for the carriage. 

with it remoived it was soon on the service bench and taken apart.

The sanding and prep work isn't just done on Tuesdays. with both sides and the roof getting some attention.

The baggage area conversion in 34929 continues with much of the panelling now in place.

A small service hatch is being created for access to the sliding door mechanism

Chris was working on 2 of the passenger door thresholds. Access for the wood section via the adjacent Guards door entrance.

The 2 trial double glazed window replacement have arrived thanks to John Hamer. These were trimmed up an mounted in the frames.

which were then fitted back on the carriage CK 16221. 

Phil was busy again with the restoration of more wall light fittings. The lamp contacts for the compartment reading lights. 

We use red and white warning boards when the carriage batteries are connect for charging. These are not commercial available so John is making 2 more up for us. Every brake carriage has one along with the more familiar 'not to be moved' board. 

The wording for the boards will no doubt be passed to Alex. He will have time to finish these train destination boards first.

In the late afternoon sunshine the King passed on one of its last turns with us this season

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