Thursday, 1 August 2019

Saturday - of the gala

With a steady flow of Gala visitors around work was mainly restricted to the workshop.

So Steve had the opportunity to make some more progress with the panelling for the new salon working mainly on the lower section where the heating pipework with be installed.

New frosted glass was installed in one of the toilet windows.

And this array of brake parts dismantled earlier in the week was on display in the barn. The bogie is being stripped of useful spares and will be fitted with worn wheelsets that are beyond operational use. It will then serve as an accommodation bogie under a carriage while the carriages actual bogie is extracted for overhaul, Its amazing just how many parts there are.

Away from the hustle and bustle in the upholstery shop Jenny and Dave Hill were sewing the centre line along the back of a replacement seat for 24949

Also at height, on top of the scaffold tower, I started work on the gutter of 34929. This had to be taken off for the adjustments to the structure when the set of double doors were removed. With Bob's help we got it all reattached. A liberal amount of sealant to stop leaks and nut and bolts to hold it all in place.

Keeping us going was of course a liberal amount of tea and cake.

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