Thursday, 15 August 2019

Holiday round up

Having had an almost complete break from Railways for the last fortnight, I did go up and down the gravity cable car on the Lynton and Lynmouth, catching up with where we are will take a little time. So here is the first hit with an update from Dave.

After a long refurbishment, it was goodbye to DMU 51405 which was shuinted out on Thursday 1st August. It was returned to Toddington the day after. There remain a number of things for the owning group to complete before it can replace the blue unit in the DMU set.

It's replacement was TSO 4772 from the 3rd Rake which will be having a partial refurbishment, not just a repaint as originally planned. The Tuesday gang were working on both sides with a lot of sanding and filling. Most of the corrosion on the sides can be dealt with using fibre paste, with just a few parts needing sheet metal replacement. Door 2 (Malvern side centre) will be removed because of rather more corroded panelling.

The roof is also being cleaned up ready for painting.

One of the toilet compartments will require a new floor which means that the internal vestibule walls will need to come down. Both the toilet tanks and main roof tank have been drained.

The corrosion at the south end which will be replaced. The corridor connections at both ends will be removed and the base plates, crash pillars and corroded panel work repaired. So a lengthy job taking about 3-4 months.

The fitting out of the new saloon in BSK 34929 proceeds apace with Pat and Alan, having completed the installation of the wall supports, applying the insulation.

Two days later Steve was now able to begin fitting more of the oak veneered plyboard.

Our newest member David Farley adds silver Hammarite in the guards compartment (photo by Rod Wells)

Into the Barn and progress with CK 16221. Ken rebuilds the left side panelling on the south end corridor opening.

Richard removing the old transfers at the south end


The repaired and primed corner at the north end, Cotswold side (photo by Rod Wells)

Tony cleaning up another of the Malvern side windows from 16221.

More work has been done inside SK 24804, with Paul cleaning following the Diesel Gala. 

Ceiling repainting has also continued and I think we are almost finished.

Riding on 24804 during the Diesel Gala indicated that there was a definite rubbing with one of the bogies, so the coach was brought back in and put on the jacks.

Ian and John retrieve some of the bogies from the storage area alongside the Works for more replacements.

With a freight charter booked for September the maintenance of our runnable vehicles has been resumed.

Maintenance of our 3rd Rake continues. Richard, while trying to resolve some lighting anomalies within the rake, tightens up a dimension plate.

Kevin continues his excellent work tidying up our spares and storage areas.

As always we help out other departments where we can, in this case with some more of the pit planks for the Loco Dept. Andy prepares to fit the very hard non-slip cover.

Alex is back with us and his excellent efforts ready for all to see. The leaflet holder is for Broadway, on which Alex did the lettering in gold leaf with black lining. In the background are two sandwich boards done for the Friends of Winchcombe Station, and some stained and varnished door fittings for us..

Completing the other side of the "Weighbridge Open" boards.

A just reward for all his efforts, though he did wonder what the Loco Dept. wanted! Later on, when "Foremarke Hall" wasn't running, he was able to complete the little bit of lettering required for that.

The humour is never far away. We occasionally get things left on the paintshop trestles without a note to say what is required. Eddie put me right on this one!

After all the hard work, Paul, Dennis and Bob take a well earned rest.

More recruits for C&W? No, just Teddy Bear Tuesdays as it's August and our young visitors love them. A few others have sneaked into this group!

Report by Dave Clark


Powli Wilson said...

Thank you Dave, I guessed you (and some others) must be on holiday. Lynton & Lynmouth & cliff railway always worth a visit if within 50 miles.

Powli Wilson said...

Hope you enjoyed your holiday Dave, good to have the blog back. Interesting as usual.

Dave Clark said...

Hi Powli and Mike,

Thank you for your best wishes, but it was actually Peter who was on holiday. As well as writing reports, in particular the Wednesday ones, it is Peter who looks after the blog and loads all the reports. I merely write the reports for Tuesday and Thursday, with the Saturday ones shared dependiong on who is in. Not wanting to send him something like 6 reports, I simply did a summary when he returned.

I do actually know Lynton and Lynmouth very well, having stayed there very many times over the past 36 years. The Cliff Railway is well worth doing if you have never been on it.