Sunday, 18 August 2019

Back to work Wednesday

Having been in on Tuesday for a general catch up with Dave today it was back to normal trying to help keep things moving forward.

Geoff is steadily repairing the guards compartment floor and providing extras bracing under it. The original BR design only had one of the tree support bars.

with a new section flooring on top all done until we fit the door.

In the Saloon area Colin is trimming the entrance door from the gangway connector

while Des worked round him applying a protective sealant to the veneer.

The double entrance doors from the Cotswold side are proving to be difficult which we expected as the originals have had to be replaced.

A big squad were filling and sanding on 16221

both sides

While Kern was working on the south end of 16221. Painting the step are black before putting the step back on.

He was also working on the south end of 34929 positioning the gangway connector J sections. These are help in position by 48 nuts and bolts to the rubber section and 48 screws to the end woods. So he only put in enough to initially position. The lot in one go is to much!

Between welding repairs to 16221 Nick welded up a signal rod for S&T adjusting the rod length in the process. 

Tony, probably our oldest member fills in with a lot of the smaller paint jobs. This array of parts starting as bare metal going through red oxide, which in the paintshop dries quickly, to gloss black

Upstairs in the upholstery shop The main focus is the rolling replacement of a seat of 'Bourmouth Blue' seats. John and Jenny covering an arm rest.

while David prepares the next one

and Dave strips the base of a seat.

Penny on the other hand is investigating a request from the Santa team to paint a back drop the Tim Mitchell Building display.

Just a couple of her previous works as possible ideas. These are around 24 x 18 inches each

So they have given her a board a bit bigger 8 x 4 feet to start with. We will have to set her up with her own area of the paintshop move over Dave!


St Blazey 1925 said...

Excellent progress on 16221 and 34929.
Best of luck with the backdrop. The 'Birth of Venus' comes to mind in the Uffizi gallery in Florence - It's huge!
Regards, Paul. said...

What a talented lady Penny is. Wow