Friday, 30 August 2019

wednesday - round up

Another Wednesday in the works couple with a Directors visit for a H&S review made it very busy.

we did send the upholstery team for a ride on the first train but that was because of a reports from the maintenance team for some badly damaged moquette in one of the carriages. All these extra passengers have definately increased the ware and teat rate on the stock. How we deal with is is the subject o much debate in the department at present.

With the upholkstery team away dealing with the worst issues it was an ideal time for Ken to upgrade the wheels on the teams yard trolley. New all aterrain tyres should make it easier to move around the yard with a load of seats on board.

Once the team returned it was back to the rolling seat replacement in 24949.

The door team dealt with the issues in door 2 of 4772

by the end of the day they were happy with it rehung it and passed it back for the repaint to continue.

Malcolm was back on the high scaffold doing more of the roof edges.

Work on 34929 is moving forward fast. The 2 main areas for attention today were the window trims here a whole set being cut from a single section of hard wood. they were then trimmed and shaped.

Des was punching home the tack heads before filling and applying a first coat of varnish to this section.

The trim round this doors window opening was measured up. We will need to get the glass cut as well.

On the other side of the carriage Ken was fitting up and running the communication cord along the side of the saloon area and linking it into the original which stopped by the guards position.

In the barn work on CK16221 was a 2 pronged attack structural and sanding. Ken completed the door56 opening repairs.

The rusted communication cord mounts were removed ready for new steel to be welded in.

and the mice were let loos on the bottom of the toilet wall. The steel top hat section that supports the wall has to be replaced and while removing the old one is easy getting the new section back in isn't.

also removed along with the toilet floor was the waste pipe also in need of extensive repair work.

Another section of door pillar was replaced on door 1.

Some finishing off was done on the radiator grill plate. Its not from a Mk1 carriage. Maybe a Mk3 Land Rover.

and finally a little painting activity. 

David have done some sanding on 16221 had a change and painted up the boundary marker post. I suspect the lettering on the top will get the Alex touch later.

Its a matter of scale. Penny has started on the Santa scenary. All Penny wants for Christmas is a bigger bucket of paint!

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Tuesday-More TSO 4772

Yes, it's TSO 4772 yet again but some excellent progress.

Maurice was back on the roof, cleaning off more flaking paint at the south end.

Keith, Stu and John working along the Cotswold side. We are now clearing up along the coach to try and get whole areas completed ready for fresh paint.

Richard cleaning up sliders on the Malvern side of the coach.

In the Barn, Alan and John doing more filling and sanding on CK 16221.

At the north end Ainsley cuts out more old rusting panelling from the corner of the coach.

Enjoying the sunshine, Dennis cleans up a GWR boundary post for Toddington Museum, before coating it in red oxide and later brown undercoat. It was great weather for paint drying.

Alex has again been busy with destination boards for the station staff to use.

Report by Dave Clark

Saturday - sunshine

There is no Blog report for Thursday as Dave was otherwise engaged with some work on 4772 and from a visitor from the West Somerset. Thus he had no chance get any pictures. Thus we jump to Saturday:

A warm day made warmer by John being enganged in strtaightening a twisted brake beam from a bogey under overhaul in the barn. Even with it straightened and having swapped spares around we failed to achieve the brake banance we were looking for. One of the 4 beams persistently came on before the others and withj no adjustmnets available, it is an uncompensated brake rig, we have to demote the bogie to the status of accomadation only.

Ian and Clive moved on to remove the brake cylinders from 4772 for a overhaul. There is plenty of time for this within the overhaul schedule for the carriage. 

with it remoived it was soon on the service bench and taken apart.

The sanding and prep work isn't just done on Tuesdays. with both sides and the roof getting some attention.

The baggage area conversion in 34929 continues with much of the panelling now in place.

A small service hatch is being created for access to the sliding door mechanism

Chris was working on 2 of the passenger door thresholds. Access for the wood section via the adjacent Guards door entrance.

The 2 trial double glazed window replacement have arrived thanks to John Hamer. These were trimmed up an mounted in the frames.

which were then fitted back on the carriage CK 16221. 

Phil was busy again with the restoration of more wall light fittings. The lamp contacts for the compartment reading lights. 

We use red and white warning boards when the carriage batteries are connect for charging. These are not commercial available so John is making 2 more up for us. Every brake carriage has one along with the more familiar 'not to be moved' board. 

The wording for the boards will no doubt be passed to Alex. He will have time to finish these train destination boards first.

In the late afternoon sunshine the King passed on one of its last turns with us this season

Monday, 26 August 2019

Wednesday - Old Age

Old age seems to creep up on all of us. I hope you are lasting better than the Mk1 carriages! 

At 61 to 68 years old some of the joints are the worse for wear. This the inside of an inter carriage connection cable. Yes it was giving us electrical faults. what a surprise    no!

Hence Phil spends a lot of time rewiring various parts of the wiring. This one of the reading lamps for a compartment carriage. 

This door skin is definitely suffering. It will need a little more than a plaster or plastic surgery to fix.

As with this door pillar. The vertical was only attached by the smallest slither to the base section.

Nick set about removing a large section of the pillar to renew it as it wasn't in great shape further up either.

The door frames fare no better an new wood frame ready assembly with the metalwork.

Another compartment set of seats were retrieved from 24949 ready for restoring

Having been cross loaded and raised to the upholstery floor it was soon wheeled into the workshop and stripped. It the background is one almost ready to head out.

Rod was busy priming the board for Penny to paint the winter backdrop on. He is claiming an assist for the picture well he has painted the background after all.

Another section that doesn't fit on a Mk1 carriage. This a front grill from a diesel. The shinny bit on the left is a replacement section for the rusted original now removed. So the Diesels don't fare any better than the Mk1's when the rust mite is about.

The thresholds for the guard's doorways on 34929 have both been replaced of along with several of the other doorways!

I reckon 
1-  we are all doing a bit better than a MK1
2-  if surgery is needed it doesn't take 18 months in the operating theatre to fix us up
3-  the surgeons are bit more gentle
4.  we may complain about the waiting list time but 16221 has been waiting 26 years

So are you feeling any better? I hope so!