Monday, 15 July 2019


Another day with a good attendance. So lots happening all over the place much of which I May have missed.  I hope we have got the end of the woodwork profiling for the Broadway footbridge which continued today. Maybe we can then get back to actually producing the wood sections for the carriages!

The panelling of the new saloon area of the BSK 34929 is taking shape and yes the width of the gangway entrance is still to sorted it wont be that narrow!

At the other end Treavor (and Mike) got door 1 hung On 2 bolts and have started on drilling the rest of the bolt holes.

Door 6 is also progressing well with a new frame being fitted to the skin or is that the skin being fitted to a new frame.

Window edging is now being produced

while on 16221 the structural steel work by door 4 is being rebuilt.

Craig is currently devoted to the maintenance of 4798 door 3 where he is replacing the lock mounts.


after a shake down run up and down the yard and the ride heights were checked again, and passing inspection being within the defined limits, the brake rigging can now be reconnected.

Tony one of our older volunteers got some painting to do on the tables. This the undercoat on a ceiling panel.

Jenny and John have started on what will probably be a rolling replacement of seats for a 24949 from the third rake. some seats have already been replaced but other are in the realm of thread bare.

another tea brake and time to watch the trains go by. well someone has to wave to the passengers.

and finally when I got home the cat had decide it was time to try and catch the fish in the tank.

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