Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Wednesday - unhinged

Wednesday is as most will know a day for the woodworkers to arrive in force. Thus there is a lot of work on doors.

A new frame in the vice it seems extreme but actually to drill the drain holes in the base of the frame its easiest.

This a sliding corridor door but with the wrong veneer for what we are aiming at with the new salon area of 34929 

So Geoff has been tasked with removing it.

Derrick was delegated to clean up the door bump stops today. A wire brush the preferred tool for the curves involved

A well worn seat base and not in one of our current batch of moquettes kindly donated by a visitor!

The seat base structure being sound it was soon being stripped down by Dave.

Back to 34929 with Colin working on the saloon partitioning

Mike was working on the hinges for door 1.

Of course the doors don't just involve the woodwork team. A broken hinge on 16221 will have to be removed and replaced.

16221 again with door 3 now having a skin surround to the door once again. it will need a little trimming for the capping strip to be fitted.

Out on 4798 Nick was called into help out with a new backplate for the machine screws to be tapped into to secure the door lock on the troublesome door 4. Slightly unusual numbering for this carriage. As its a CK it has 4 doors on one side rather than the more usual 3.

He had spent much of the day reconstructing the entrance to door 3. A new pillar in place.
He was assisted today by Dave who got to do most oft the cutting out prep work. we try to keep the specialist specialising for a faster turn round and also to provide some wider experience for others who provide a lot of support.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

34929 seems to be coming along well; and 16221 is getting the Winchcombe TLC I see.
Regards, Paul.