Friday, 26 July 2019

Wednesday - Disaster!!!

After the spectacular lightening display of Tuesday evening followed by heavy rain and wind I wondered what we would find when we go to Winchcombe today. The journey for several was punctuated by fallen branches and trees.

It was bad, the great storm did for the C&W sun umbrella! All that was left after having been retrieved from the other side of the yard.

work on 34929 is taking noticeable steps forward with another door pillar repaired and new skin added. Where possible we try and leave the hinge mounts in position. It avoids a big head ache for the door team when they come to rehang toe door. The Malvern side gutter re attached and more progress on the interior panelling.

The various doors for the new saloon are all being restored or modified from their original use.

2 compartment doors being made into a pair of sliding double doors for the entrance to the salon. The sliding window will be fixed in future so the mechanism needs attending too.

 Paul continued work on door 6 for 34929 starting the fitting of the new frame to the skin.

Derrick checked out the action of a lock with all measurements of the movement duly taken.

Roger shaping one of the window trims for 34929.

Nick and Rex moved on from 34929's doorway to one on 16221. Another section of new pillar.

With the plasma cutter out of action it was back to the cutting disk to make a new section skin to cover the pillar.
Craig completed the refitting of the door 3 lock on 4798. getting the action working nicely. We will need to sort out a bit of an issue with the capping strip and give it a coat of paint to complete the job.

The upholstery team have started on seat wings for 24929's rolling seat replacement.

And almost completed the guards seat for 34929. Just a nice comfy cushion needed.

The King was out again in its more normal guise but still looking fantastic.


Paul Wilson said...

INteresting; but, what is Derrick eating while, measuring the lock dimensions?

Powli Wilson.

john mayell said...

hi C+W great work on the carriages , what's a rolling seat please ?

Can I ask for your support to man crossing at Winchcombe for the Food & Drink fayre weekend 19 + 20th October , please email me on - with days AM or PM you can help us .

This year we shall have 6 stalls on Platform 2 picnic area and 10 on P! so there will be lots of visitors wanting to cross the tracks to each side .

Do bring your families along to do some shopping and buy early Xmas presents

best regards john Mayell CFDF Organiser

Ken said...

what's a rolling seat please ?

It's a rolling continuous endeavor of replacing seats in a particular carriage.

We haven't yet got the Upholstery team mounted on castors - although..........?