Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Tuesday - almost ready

With 16 attending on a Tuesday we were really back in business with the end of the DMU refurbishment now very much in sight, and the big shunt and more completed.
Beginning with the DMU 51405, we had quite a group working on reinstating the missing seats. All had to be carefully repositioned in the correct north-south direction, but then fractionally moved out to avoid the previous screw holes, many of which had the remains of broken screws and now buried out of sight under the new lino. 

For screws we used the turbodrive ones which can be tightened with a ratchet as seen by this hasty shot taken of Dennis.

Job completed and a very cheering sight of the south compartment after being empty for so long. All the heads of the new screws were painted Rail Blue, with some further touching up of the seat underframes where needed.

Also being done was the re-levelling of the doorway threshold plates on the Malvern side, the Cotswold side having been done a week or so ago.

Also done in the centre compartment was some painting on the final section of ceiling panel to be reinstated.

Maurice also had a vacuum through, here finishing off in the cab. We are almost complete now - jobs that spring to mind are replacing some missing skirting strips in the south compartment, fixing a bit more ceiling beading and subsequent painting, fitting the last of the luggage racks, reinstating the holders for the two fire extinguishers in the cab, and more window cleaning..
No work in the Workshop today, but plenty going on in the Barn. with Roger burning off the old transfers on the sides of CK 16221. With the window surround repairs largely completed on the Cotswold side of the coach, for most of the surrounding panelling we can now do the lengthy job of sanding down the old paintwork. 

On the opposite side Ainsley was grinding down some earlier welding repairs.

Moving over to the jack road where John is raising SK 24804. 

With coach body now fully raised he was back on the south bogie, finishing the work to make this coach available for the 3-day Heritage Diesel Gala in just over a weeks time. 24804 will once again be part of the temporary 4th Rake.

It was another very warm day, so all credit to the team who were cleaning the windows and tables inside the 3rd Rake. The windows in particular are hard work when having to lean across the fitted tables.

Cheryl's expression says it all - hard work but happy knowing you are doing a good job!

Richard was also cleaning the outside of the quarterlights in TSO 4772, using soft wire wool and cleaner to remove the brown grime in the corners. Overall the team did very well, getting through 5 of the currently 7 coaches in the 3rd Rake.
During the afternoon the big shunt to extract RBr 1965 (8805), that was started on Saturday, was completed. Always complicated with so many vehicles and not enough siding space, it's more like a game of chess with much forward planning needed. The 03 carefully moves the Irish boiler coach back down the yard and into one of the storage sidings.

With everything back where we wanted it, the next job was to return the newly refurbished LNWR van back in Platform 1 Bay so that it was more accessible for the Friends of Winchcombe Station. Initially the Fruit C van was pulled out to make space.

Looking very nice with it's new roof and repaint, the LNWR van now readily available. The Santa Grotto coach has to remain as it is currently undergoing refurbishment inside and thus also requires easy access for the group undertaking this work.

During the morning we had a very enjoyable visit by members of the Oxfordshire Railway Society who were given a full tour of C&W.

There's always one! However Dennis was definitely not "out of order" having done some excellent work as part of the gang reinstating the DMU seats.

Report by Dave Clark


Alex said...

Some might say Dennis is regularly out of order! ;-)

Alex said...

Super blog., Cheryl looks relaxed. Hope i can visit shortly.

Paul Wilson said...

Am I the only person pleased to see another Carmine And Cream coach being pressed into service? I think the combination of colours is most attractive. So thanks to all involved.

Powli Wilson

Toddingtonted said...

Some lovely restoration work being done on the GWSR stock. The DMU coach is looking excellent. If you want to see one in trashed condition then have a look at BBC Yorkshire and the Wensleydale Railway

It's school holidays time again, of course, and this might have some bearing on the vandalism. I'll say it again and again, there is an urgent need for a secure carriage shed for at least some of the GWSR stock now. It's only a matter of time before someone has a go at trashing your hard work. I would support such a project financially.