Friday, 26 July 2019

Tuesday - almost all DMU

A very warm day but with plenty of doors open and a roller shutter in the Barn raised we managed to have a pleasant through draught. Most of the work was again on DMU 51405, with quite a number of small jobs still to be done, not all of which were photographed.

Maurice adds silver Hammerite to some of the luggage rack bolt heads, a big improvement.

Cheryl is tidying up some of the cab paintwork.

John had previously made a very good job with adding sealant between the raised door threshold plates and new lino in the south compartment, so we decided to extend this to the other doorways where there were similar gaps between the plates and the old lino.

Rummaging through the various boxes and tins of bits that inevitably accumulate during a refurbishment we found a door stop, and then discovered this belonged to where a new section of sheet metal panelling had been put in on the Malvern side. With the door permanently open nobody had noticed it was missing. We had to do a fair bit of dismantling, but with new holes drilled Dennis and Richard soon had the missing stop installed and everything neatly put back.

No surprise odd lumps of mastic end up trodden in on the floor. Thankfully Richard is able to remove these easily with a scraper.

Maurice adds more paint to the inside of one of the cab doors, which had become grubby from where the engine replacement and other heavy work had been done while the unit was temporarily at Toddington.

Light shades also need a good clean, with Stu and Keith making a very good job of this.

How the dust accumulates while our vehicles are being refurbished. Alan cleans up the front of 51405 and brings back that sparkle.

It's impossible to plan, but occasionally what we have in the Paintshop turns out to be just about ready in time for when we are having a Gala and the Works is open to our visiting public . What better than 51405 for a 3-day Diesel Gala!

On to other things, with Derek carefully completing the removal of the old veneer panelling from the corridor sliding door from BSK 34929.

Back to the special platforms being made for the pits at the Loco Shed, with Cheryl (and later Maurice), completing the undercoating and then top coating.

Report by Dave Clark

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