Monday, 1 July 2019

Thursday - Two for one

Firstly apologies for no Tuesday report. Only two photos were taken as most of the time was spent having a tidy up and vacuum of the Works with our ORR inspection due the next day. A tour of the Works wasn't scheduled for the inspector, but we thought it worthwhile in case this did happen.

Maurice primes the new vacuum cylinder work bench with red oxide.

In preparation for the new lino work the next day in DMU 51405, Richard completely emptied the south compartment and then had a good vac throughout.

Moving on to Thursday, with the usual scattering of staff all over the site.

Bob and his son Pete, our regular lino contractors, are preparing one of the new sections for the south compartment of 51405.

On to BSK 34929 and the desk from the guard's compartment, which Phil Jones is now sanding, having applied more paint stripper and raking off the resulting loosened paint.


I later applied even more stripper with quite significant results.

Tony and Pat were still able to do some minor work in the centre part of 51405. Later on, along with Phil Salter, they were looking at the new south compartment in 34929 where the main build is going on.

Phil sorts out the electrics in the guards compartment.

Jeff finishes off the extra filling and sanding at the Malvern side south end of 34929, before undercoating the windows here.

Yes, that's Bob Mac back on the roof, applying another coat of Flint Grey.

An earlier job for Jeff. One of the two fire buckets needed a bit more sanding down. That and another coat of red paint did the trick and both buckets now look good. A further coat of red on both and then we need Alex.

John Hamer works on the north end axleboxes of the bogie extracted from BG 92416 in preparation for removing the wheelset..

Derek carefully raises the north end.

The removed wheelset with the good depth tyres. This will be cleaned up and primed.

Richard Bates working on the electrics for CK 16221.

Dave Hancox works on one of the steps from SK 24006. As he co-owns the coach, who can blame him!

The 3rd Rake has it's regular clean and watering up, with both Paul and Dennis on board.

It's not hard to see why I want to have TSO 4772 in the Works for a repaint and some minor repairs. Probably after DMU 51405 has been completed.

Finally the new lino in the south compartment of 51405. Just the aluminium strips to put down to complete the job.

Report by Dave Clark

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Fine report Dave. Hopefully I'll be visiting shortly and looking forward to it.