Monday, 15 July 2019

Saturday - round up

A rather sticky day despite not being particularly sunny.

Ian continued the work on the vacuum cylinder bench fitting the top

and a lot more of the panelling


In the upholstery shop there was a call for assistance. A different moquette was required on the workbench rollers. Of course it had to a roll from the top of the rake.

 Back in the workshop we took the opportunity of a quite period to remove a window from the Malvern side of 16221
clean it. Yes that's a dirt line where the glass was when we were cleaning it!

and refit it with new rubber strip. We still have the top quarter lights to clean!!


George making a huge difference to the state of the carriage side removing years of grim and getting back to actual paint.

with the large shunt of Thursday has come the opportunity to clear up where some of the carriages and vans have been standing.

Alan cleaning up a corridor connection hoop having assisted Ken with bolting the other side back on the gangway connector.

Hard to identify? well its not the right way up. Its a loo seat mounting block. Made by John Squires. We have loads of seats no blocks so this is the first of 10 sets we have asked him to make for us. The material is actually cut from a nylon block.

There was also a lot more reconstructive welding done on 16221 and I reattached much of the gutter on the Malvern side of 34929.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

It looks like 16221 could be a long job to get it to your full standard! However, I'm sure that with your usual talents, it will be accomplished.
Nice to hear that 34929 is coming along too.
Regards, Paul.