Friday, 26 July 2019

Wednesday - Disaster!!!

After the spectacular lightening display of Tuesday evening followed by heavy rain and wind I wondered what we would find when we go to Winchcombe today. The journey for several was punctuated by fallen branches and trees.

It was bad, the great storm did for the C&W sun umbrella! All that was left after having been retrieved from the other side of the yard.

work on 34929 is taking noticeable steps forward with another door pillar repaired and new skin added. Where possible we try and leave the hinge mounts in position. It avoids a big head ache for the door team when they come to rehang toe door. The Malvern side gutter re attached and more progress on the interior panelling.

The various doors for the new saloon are all being restored or modified from their original use.

2 compartment doors being made into a pair of sliding double doors for the entrance to the salon. The sliding window will be fixed in future so the mechanism needs attending too.

 Paul continued work on door 6 for 34929 starting the fitting of the new frame to the skin.

Derrick checked out the action of a lock with all measurements of the movement duly taken.

Roger shaping one of the window trims for 34929.

Nick and Rex moved on from 34929's doorway to one on 16221. Another section of new pillar.

With the plasma cutter out of action it was back to the cutting disk to make a new section skin to cover the pillar.
Craig completed the refitting of the door 3 lock on 4798. getting the action working nicely. We will need to sort out a bit of an issue with the capping strip and give it a coat of paint to complete the job.

The upholstery team have started on seat wings for 24929's rolling seat replacement.

And almost completed the guards seat for 34929. Just a nice comfy cushion needed.

The King was out again in its more normal guise but still looking fantastic.

Tuesday - almost all DMU

A very warm day but with plenty of doors open and a roller shutter in the Barn raised we managed to have a pleasant through draught. Most of the work was again on DMU 51405, with quite a number of small jobs still to be done, not all of which were photographed.

Maurice adds silver Hammerite to some of the luggage rack bolt heads, a big improvement.

Cheryl is tidying up some of the cab paintwork.

John had previously made a very good job with adding sealant between the raised door threshold plates and new lino in the south compartment, so we decided to extend this to the other doorways where there were similar gaps between the plates and the old lino.

Rummaging through the various boxes and tins of bits that inevitably accumulate during a refurbishment we found a door stop, and then discovered this belonged to where a new section of sheet metal panelling had been put in on the Malvern side. With the door permanently open nobody had noticed it was missing. We had to do a fair bit of dismantling, but with new holes drilled Dennis and Richard soon had the missing stop installed and everything neatly put back.

No surprise odd lumps of mastic end up trodden in on the floor. Thankfully Richard is able to remove these easily with a scraper.

Maurice adds more paint to the inside of one of the cab doors, which had become grubby from where the engine replacement and other heavy work had been done while the unit was temporarily at Toddington.

Light shades also need a good clean, with Stu and Keith making a very good job of this.

How the dust accumulates while our vehicles are being refurbished. Alan cleans up the front of 51405 and brings back that sparkle.

It's impossible to plan, but occasionally what we have in the Paintshop turns out to be just about ready in time for when we are having a Gala and the Works is open to our visiting public . What better than 51405 for a 3-day Diesel Gala!

On to other things, with Derek carefully completing the removal of the old veneer panelling from the corridor sliding door from BSK 34929.

Back to the special platforms being made for the pits at the Loco Shed, with Cheryl (and later Maurice), completing the undercoating and then top coating.

Report by Dave Clark

Saturday - More Preparations

A busy day with more shunting and preparations for the forthcoming Diesel Gala.

Firstly some work on the lathe where John Squires is cleaning up some heavy metal bars.

Next into BSK 34929 where Steve is adding veneer panelling to the sides of the new passenger compartment.

Phil is installing the new LED lighting.

Moving along to the Toad brake van, Paul Ellis is carefully removing the old thick paint from the nuts on the roof beams.

This in turn gives Alan Squires a better chance of loosening them in preparation for the roof rebuilding. 

SO 4798 and the door problem is now well in hand as Craig test fits a new wood base of the door lock striker plate.

A close up of the base and plate.

Inside SK 24949 the repaired compartment floor and wall panel, ready for painting and varnishing respectively.

SK 24804, SK 24949 and BG 81039 have been coupled and are being given a vacuum brake test in preparation for the Diesel Gala over the weekend of 26-28 July. These three coaches and the two FKs from the north end of the 3rd Rake will form the temporary 4th Rake.

Lots of hard work done. Time for a rest for Dennis, Paul Wood and John Osborn. When the C&W Works is open to the public during our Galas, this is the viewing area for photographers in particular and these two seats are very popular.

Long term protection for unrestored coaches is well worth while as Dave and Bob apply red oxide and anti-corrosive primer to the sides of TSO 3960. A lot of tidying and clearing out has been done with this coach, although it will be years before 3960 enters the Workshop.

More tidying up with DMU 51405 wit some more painting in the door thresholds, especially where the plates have been raised. 51405 will be shunted out of the Works after the Diesel Gala. Actually having the unit still in the Paintshop has turned out to be perfect timing for our Gala visitors to see.


In the foreground are two new skirting strips, top coated in Rail Blue, to be fitted where there is new panelling in 51405's south compartment. .

At Winchcombe 6023, sporting the "Red Dragon" headboard and "A35" train identifier, waits for the off on its last northbound run of the day.

Report by Dave Clark

Thursday - Mainly the 3rd rake

In my absence many thanks to Paul Wood once again for taking the photos and providing the descriptions (Dave Clark). Most of the photos were taken in the 3rd Rake.

Phil tests our new cordless GTech cleaner in the Mess Room. 
This has been obtained for when we are vacuuming the 3rd Rake, where it coped very well, especially with being a cordless cleaner. Grateful thanks go to the local Rotary Club as this was bought with their very kind donation.

In RMB 1808 Phil, with Dennis supervising, repositions the retaining strips to stop the bottles and tins falling from the shelves.

Jim and Richard (from our Painting Team) cleaned more of the exterior small windows - great job! 

The indoor Gang repaired four door pulls - Alan and Tony are pictured.

Tony, Pat and Alan enjoying a well-earned rest (with the first class seats on the Cotswold side this will be in FK 13337 "Gillian")


SO 4798 is moved away to enable SK 24804 to be shunted out of the Barn jack road.
The Freight Maintenance team were servicing the Permanent Way set.

In DMU 51405 Phil Jones was top coating the last section of ceiling to be painted. Also painting, but not photograhed, was Bob Keyte doing another ceiling in SK 24804.

Report by Paul Wood