Thursday, 13 June 2019

Wednesday - windows

There was a distinct focus on windows today but with 19 to do in the CK 16221 that was to be expected. We are primarily working our was along the Cotswold side of the carriage.

We are also doing them in a vaguely organised sequence. So here David has removed 'C0' the Toilet window from the Cotswold side north end and started cleaning up the framework.

The main glass was cracked so a checks were made in the glass storage van. While we have some toilet window glass not the right piece for this frame. Standard design you must be joking! More work to do when I get home sorting out an order for a number of new sections of glass.

 At the other end of the workshop window 'C1', which I took out yesterday, was being cleaned by Roger.

Back in the bark Ken was making structural repairs to the window surround for 'C2'

Here the skin is cut away to replace the main horizonal bar under the window. That now done ken has returned with the new section of Skin ready to weld in. 

Rex and Roger having refitted 'C7' the large window and sorted a back rivet on C8' the small window for the south end toilet.

They moved on to refit 'C3'. So in total 6 of the 8 windows on the Cotswold side were being worked on during the day!

Also working on the Cotswold side by the end of the day was, here Ainsley, assisting Nick with the reconstruction of the door pillar at the south end. The started the day completing the  rebuild of the Malvern side sour door opening and adjacent roof.

We didn't forget BSK 34929. here Fred was cutting out rusted section of skin around the guards door entrance on the Malvern side.

 In the new salon section Colin was constructing the roof timbers for the ceiling support.

A pile of new door pulls being made by Richard ready for the doors of 34929.

and a retrieval from the 'stores' of 2 compartment doors that will be modified to make the double door entrance to the new salon.

Ken completed steam pipe repairs to 24804 putting a new hose on the north end. Inside John Hamer was checking the operation of the control switches to the radiators. They appear to have all been disconnected. We know not why. Guess we will wait for a large source of steam to become available for a steam test to find out why and if we have missed any leaks.


The upholstery team are getting a bit stuck for work at the moment so Penny, Jenny and I set of on an inspection and survey of 24949 currently the designated spare carriage. Several of the seats are very badly work so they have started working out a sequence of restoration for a rolling program of renewal in the carriage.

Here a thread bare seat back with a replaced seat base on the right. So a new back is required.


Cheltenham john. said...

You all put so much effort & hard work In. Any news on the carriage shed front yet.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

The Carriage shed is only one of a number of major projects on the list for the railway. Currently the weak bridge needs a clear plan before funds are committed elsewhere.
Unless you or some kind sole happens to send in a cheque for a very large amount; £2m should help!!!! (now where is that smiley emoticon when you need one?)