Friday, 7 June 2019

Wednesday - the gathering

With probably the highest attendance of the year, 33 volunteers signed in, there was a lot of things going on. 

The door team were busy working on arm rests and side panels for 16221

However, as this isn't the usual way they store the completed seats I am not sure how busy! I hadn't realised the storage rack was actual the same width as a compartment.

The door team are still working their was through the 10 doors for 34929. Here a series of window trims for the doors being lined up having been stuck glued an stuck.They could be made from single pieces of hardwood but the waste is considerable when they are. It costs us time but saves trees and money.

Richard make up the template for the wood work required around the stretcher window. We started this window early in the rebuild of 16221 to give us time to try and achieve  a really good seal when the window is closed and avoid the issues of rust that beset the originals .This is I think one of only 2 of the carriage of the type to still have its stretcher window the other being in a museum.

In the new salon area of 34929 the ceiling supports are starting to be made. everyone is slightly different in length so much for a standard design!.

A team effort to renew the rubber on a window for 16221, less chance of dropping one, is part of the larger process of window overhaul . 

that continues with the window opening is repaired. The frame will go back in probably Saturday

and the next window is prepared for removal. A steady production line that means we don't get to many window frames out at once.

Meanwhile Rex and Bryan work on improving the fit of the stretcher window.

Last week-end the hole in the steam heating pipe on 24904 was found today Ken completed the replacement making up a section of new pipe. The new arrangement also means its not rubbing on the toilet waste pipe anymore.

While checking on Dave Hancox working out in the yard I timed it just right to see the King heading north.

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