Thursday, 27 June 2019

Wednesday - Another Birthday

The birthday today belongs to Penny one of the younger members of the department!

Happy Birthday Penny!

The upholstery area was duly decorated. This was just one bit of the d├ęcor.

We are now looking at the possibility of a rolling replacement of the seats in 24939
from the third rake. Some of the seats have already been replaced but in a hotch potch quick fix fashion. We are now looking to do the rest and get the seats looking not only new but a set again.

So Jenny and Penny set about identifying which of John Hills Cutting patterns they needed. What sort of carriage is it?

In the mean time the two Dave's were stripping the first of the seat back down. The old and very tired moquette is already gone.


A bit of assistance needed here to get the corner of the first class seat cushion corner sorted. One of the more fiddly jobs.

In the new saloon area of the BSK 34929 a quick review various bits of the fitting out. Don't forget the Emergency Chord  and where are the lights going etc. The centre section of the ceiling is in position.

As is the first side of the entrance vestibule partition.

Colin Cutting the other side. He had earlier made a template to ensure the curves and cut ours were right.

Richard still working his way through the set of door pills

The guards desk has been removed, mainly because we have to replace a section of the floor. However, while its out it will get a tota;l strip down and repaint.

Tony and Rex continued the window clean up for 16221.


While Bob Webb and his son were in to start laying the new floor in the DMU. This the screed layer at the south end.

The top layer will go down on Thursday.

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