Friday, 7 June 2019

Thursday - tidy up

A very varied day, with most staff out in the yard and in the various coaches in it. The 3rd Rake in particular has a number of things to sort out so quite a bit of attention was given to that. 

First job of the day was the early arrival of Eddie's latest wood order, with Alan, Richard and myself as the "willing" volunteers.

Into the yard and good progress on the clean up and protectives measures with RBr 1675. It will be quite some time before this comes in for refurbishment.

The P'Way gang had spotted this on the Malvern side of FK 13337 "Gillian" from their adjacent mess coach. In fact Ainsley had to give both sides of the door frame a good scrape and sand. After that on with the red oxide and then undercoat cream.

Inside the 3rd rake it was back to cleaning for Paul (and Dennis)

Tony displays a broken toilet seat (not sure which coach this was from) before disposing it and returning with a replacement. The extra passenger number are having a noticeable effect on the amount of running repairs we are having to do. 

Pat taking a break.

Inside FK 13337 Tony reattaches one of the seat side panels.

Inside TSO 4867 the ceiling clean up continued with Sue and Martin beginning the south compartment. Dave and Bob were already working in the north compartment.

Even the Monster Van was having a bit of care. Alex wants to repaint this when he next returns (extra GW Brown has been obtained).

There was plenty of activity on CK 16221 again with Ken at the south end cleaning up after his latest panel has been welded in.

Rob was having quite a battle trying to extract this window frame. 

The screws at the base refused to come out so the underlying panelling had to be cut. With the window now out, a template was clamped on ready for a straighter cut to be made.

Another lengthy and complex shunt was planned so Phil gets the 03 ready.

Firstly SK 24949 and BCK 21092 had to be shunted out of the way. This was followed by extracting the small line of freight and then the bogies from the Works siding.

With more tyre reprofiling needed, we need a bogie to collate the two wheelsets concerned. Yes, that is rain, a sudden heavy deluge.


The end of the day with the sun now shining, the 3rd Rake back to its normal configuration, and BCK 21092 at last in place as the brake coach. It has been a very long restoration with quite a number of setbacks, but we have got there. Dave Hancox, the owner, must be smiling.

Having just celebrated his 11th birthday, Tim relaxes in the Upholstery Shop while his owners Sue and Martin are busy in TSO 4867.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

With the running restoration work on the FK, I can only recommend that the first class fare be reinstated to try and keep first class in good shape, because the repairs look very much like ill use by persons who do not control themselves and/or their children. Well done on the repairs but they should not be necessary!
Looking forward to seeing the Monster repainted.
Regards, Paul.