Monday, 24 June 2019

Thursday - A quiet day for a Thursday

Missing in a action

Dave and I have both had issues to deal with lately that have precluded us from either attending C&W or getting round to publishing blog updates: Me bad back: Dave - Bad Drains.

I am pleased to say my back is getting better and Thames Water have agreed to deal with Dave's Drains so hopefully in the near future we will be back to the regular updates of the departments activates.

A brief report and photos by Paul Wood, with some input from Richard Hoy. 

With just 12 signed in it was a quiet day, emphasised by the empty Mess Room seats. With the timetable reaching the busiest part of the running season, the 3rd Rake will now be in a lot more use, so more attention outside and the cleaning inside has been completed. The DMU also received more attention from the Indoor Gang, keen to get as much completed as possible before the lino relaying begins on the 26th June.

The two Richards (fondly known as Richard I and Richard II ) have been checking the batteries and chargers on the 3rd Rake.

Phil was modifying the drain tap on RMB 1808.


Moving over to the Cotswold side of the yard and TSO 4867 where Dave Hancox is vacuuming all the old paint removed from the ceiling.

Very much the before and after with the compartment ceilings in 4867, with Bob Keyte's painting really smartening things up.

Pat, Alan and Tony replaced the missing bits of ceiling panelling in the south compartment of DMU 51405.

Richard Hoy initially did some wire-wooling of the aluminium strips, which removes old tarnishing and any paint splashes. Where necessary he removed the seat bases and vacuumed underneath and in the nooks. The side panels were also vacummed and wiped them over with a damp cloth to get the rest of the dust off. He also did some work on the dirty lino which has made a welcome difference.

Under brighter sky's 4270 leaves the station and heads north with the "Cotswold Express", the main train of the day.

Paul Wood and Richard Hoy

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Paul Wilson said...

Thanks very much guys?Paul for this update. Did anyone else notice the chaos at NYMR in the programme last Friday, having dead or uncharged batteries to deal with on the days of there various galas? I wondered whether the prog' directors have contrived this just ti provide interesting TV!

Powli Wilson