Thursday, 20 June 2019

Thursday - Here, there and everywhere

A smaller than usual attendance for a Thursday, however we were still scattered around the whole site as usual. Not photograhed were Paul in the 3rd Rake and Bob Keyte undercoating more of the cleaned up ceiling in TSO 4867.

It was back to cleaning up yet another CK window frame for Rob and Phil.

With a new bottom section cut on the latest CK 16221 window, Ken paused to let me take the photo before continuing the spot welds.

The finished job, ready for the cleaned up frame to be put back in.

Back inside DMU 51405 Richard was working on more of the seat frames, very carefully sanding the rough paintwork and then applying a fresh coat of the Rail Blue.

With many of the 3rd Rake jobs now completed, Tony and Pat were back in 51405 re-attaching one of the communication cord receptacles.

The new ceiling side panels had also been put up during the day. Just one length remaining to fit.

Who said we didn't have much painting and varnishing to do?! A collection of items from BSK 34929 comprising the metalwork from a corridor connection, a tare plate, and the various bits of light fittings, plus the final large ceiling panel for DMU 51405. 

The rain was incessant at times. Outside are the two bogies with wheelsets which are being collected the next day for tyre turning at St Phillips Marsh, Bristol. In the distance is SK 24804 which has been shunted out of the jack road.

24804 has been replaced by BG 92418 which has been brought in so that we can extract the wheelsets and other useful bits off the bogies. 

John and Ian in the process of loosening the nuts for the keep plate on this axlebox.

A view from the yard towards the Works with a very threatening sky looming.

The first of two very enjoyable tours given for the Redditch Railway Interest Group. Several in the group are in fact members of the Railway, one of them in our Cleaning Team.

Viewing the excellent progress inside the new open passenger area of BSK 34929. Maybe it should now be "BSOK".

A photo I should have taken last Saturday when he was in. The new Paintshop "Henry" with a splendid identification painted on by Alex. Our most fervent wish is that he eventually joins a dental practice in Cheltenham.

Report by Dave Clark

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TrainFan said...

I am sure there will be plenty of dental practices around about falling over backwards to employ him, given the shortage.