Sunday, 2 June 2019

Thursday - Getting it all back together

Straight into the heavy work today with Rob and Phil Jones reinstating a toilet window in CK 16221.

On the opposite side Nick is teaching Ainsley to do welding. Nick went on to repairing the top corner, which was badly holed - a typical Mk 1 coach failure point. 

Back to stripping out the old rubber seals in the next window from 16221 where the surrounding bodyside has corrosion.

Bryan makes some small mods to his axle box oil draining stand.
Alan is preparing this door frame in DMU 51405 ready for the new rubber draught seal.

In the south end doorway on the Cotswold side Tony is drilling holes in the cross-spar ready for the new wood batten.

Then back to fitting more internal Formica panelling.

Back to the north end where Pat is fitting the aluminium beading above one of the luggage racks.

Inside TSO 4867 Bob was back cleaning up the ceiling using a window scraper, the easiest toll for this job in the end. It looked like it had been snowing inside!
order - well at least a start. Initially the 4th Rake was pulled out of the Cotswold side yard, up the line and then backed into the 3rd Rake siding on the Malvern side. This would get the two FKs back onto the 3rd Rake, though at the moment at the south end.

Then the demo freight train had to be moved.

it's now lunchtime, but all shunting would have had to stop for the passing of "P & O" with the Cotswolds Express for Cheltenham.

Crossing with the B1 on the northbound train. We have the B1 for the weekend too!

We then had a changeover in the Workshop, with the completed LNWR van being exchanged for the "Croes Newydd" Toad Van.


What a lovely day to bring out a very smart looking LNWR van. A credit to Richard Stone's freight gang and the painters.

"Oi - back to work you lot!". On a lovely sunny afternoon why not take a break and put the World to rights!

Back to the shunting to make BCK 21092, SK 24949 and SK 24804 available.

The end of the day with 24804 on the jack road to sort out those south bogie flats and the steam leak at the north end..

Report by Dave Clark


Anonymous said...

A very fine blog. Thank you everbody concerned

Anonymous said...

A very fine blog. Thank you everbody concerned

St Blazey 1925 said...

All change!!!
What a lot of shunting. A job I always enjoyed.
The LNWR van does look smart, but what about those elongated 'diamonds' on the bodyside that I have mentioned previously?
Anyway, A great deal of work accomplished so a very well done to you all.
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

The diamonds were phased out a good 5 years before this van was built Paul, so aren't suitable here. Otherwise I would have done, any excuse for a bit more signwriting!

St Blazey 1925 said...

Thanks Alex for the quick reply. I didn't know that they phased the diamonds out. Learn something every day!!
Regards, Paul.

Pog said...

Dave and C&W team, my name is Ian Pogson, I am an Engineer and am just putting the finishing touches to my PhD, so in 4 weeks I would be available to use the membership that was bought for me as part of a Footplate Experience package.

I have various DIY skills and was a member at Steamport, Southport (27C) when I lived up north. I am not afraid of hard work.

I teach Automotive Engineering at the local College after 38 years in the automotive industry. I only work Monday to Wednesday, so have Thursday and Friday to pursue my other interests (motorcycling, canoeing, walking, etc).

My best mate lives at Winchcome, (we reside at Bromsgrove), so I am often in the area.

Could I come down to meet sometime, please?