Monday, 10 June 2019

Saturday - YO HO and up she rises

Despite a lot of work being done I find there aren't a lot of pictures to share today.

One major effort that went unseen, as so often is the case, was the sterling efforts of Paul cleaning the third rake ready for the Diesel gala.

The main reason for the lack of pictures was actual me being side tracked  assisting with a double wheelset swap. 

A pair of  bogies are being prepared to be sent away for wheel turning but one of them not with the wheelsets that were in it. So for that bogie both wheelsets were swapped for two more from the yard.

This entails raising the end of the bogie removing the wheelset 
putting the end of the bogie down
reposition the hoist
lifting the wheelset over the replacement (that's what's happening in the picture)
putting it down
reposition the hoist
lift the end of the bogie 
move the wheelset into position and put the end of the bogie down again.

Reposition the bogie and repeat the above for the other end!

That's a lot of going up and down with the hoist. Our hoist is not powered except by us! Thus the job was shared between John Hamer, Ian and myself (in picture by Ian) 

Steve was doing a wonderful job of laying the new floor covering in the end of 34929.

In the upholstery shop and abandoned by his team John Hill was working on the difficult job of making the seat cushion covers. The issue is always getting the piping in correctly and cover corners  squared up. 

Ken continued his hunt for and repair of the stem leaks under 24804. I think the count is currently up to 4 found and repaired. The principal of the steam heat pipe work is that it slopes to a drip value/drain point. Unfortunately the pipework does always slope the right was so water collects in the pipe the winter comes and the water freezes splitting the pipe.

So its not just about repairing the leak its also about sorting out the falls on the pipe run.

John Squires was persuading one of the joints to come undone with along extension to the socket set handle 

George was working on 34929 today paint the base grey coat around the new windows.

John Osborn is on another major frame construction. Tis one a work table specially designed for fore the vacuum overhaul team. ( I will try and explain its layout when its in a position to see and understand!!!)

More easily understood it this set of 2 grates for that will form the cover of one of the larger  trackside drains. James made them recently and today with Stuart and the drainage team they took them for a trial fit. All was well so they are now ready for the securing lugs to be welded on and a coat of paint.

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Powli Wilson said...

Thanks for this blog; may i enquire out of interest where do the wheels go for "turning" is this more for South Devon?

Powli Wilson