Thursday, 6 June 2019

Saturday - build and dismantle

Almost halfway through the year already and the main season in full swing. The maintenance piles up now we have 27 coaches to look after and with quite a list of things now needing doing on them we are going to be somewhat stretched. However for today is was both build and dismantle in the Works.

Starting off with Steve, cutting out new floorboarding for the south end of BSK 34929.

With the boarding cut to shape Steve applies Creocote to what will be the underside.

The board now fitted in place.

Then it was fit  new threshold in the Cotswold side double-doorway

and the new one fitted to the Malvern side

Phil busy again creating another electrical connector.

Ah, this is for the electrical problem with BCK 21092. Phil replaced that for the north end during the refurbishment, but not the one for the south - hopefully the new connection there will resolve the problem.

With SK 24804 on the jacks, the north end steam leak can be fixed. Richard and Ken assess what needs to be removed and replaced as necessary.

The very obvious hole. By the end of the day much of the surrounding metalwork had been removed and the bad section ready for repair.

James uses the magnetic drill to bore out new holes in one of the corridor connection plates for CK 16221.

Later tapping out the holes.

Kevin has done some excellent work, initially sorting out and tidying up all our spares. He is now tidying up and annotating our carousel drawers, as well as sorting out the many boxes of screws in the Woodwork shop.

Kevin the set about cleaning up more of the DMUs metal racks prior with wire wool ready for their refitting in the next few weeks.

John Osborn working on a new heavy workbench for the vac cylinder team.  

Nice to do some work instead of the usal running around. A number of items for painting - in the foreground top coat white for two of the replacement ceiling panels in DMU 51405, then more gloss for the corridor end back plates, more gloss yellow for the "Overbury Axlebox Oilpad Drainer" following a small addition now welded on, and finally the first of the new pit footboards for the Loco crews at Toddington.

I missed the Upholstery team in their workshop, so caught them during the afternoon tea break instead.

The clean-up of the Malvern side of RBr 1675 continues, so much better for our travellers to view as they pass by.

Good to see the King running, we've got her until about September.

Report by Dave Clark

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