Thursday, 27 June 2019

Saturday - another quiet one

Another smallish number in again, so not many photos today.
Although the next major goods vehicle overhaul will be the Shark ballast plough, Richard and Paul are still happily doing what they can with the "Croes Newydd" Toad brake van.

Further into the Workshop to find George undercoating more windows on BSK 34929.

At the south end of the coach Steve is preparing the corridor sliding door for re-mounting, re-attaching the brackets for the rail.

John Osborn completes the new work bench for the vacuum cylinders. .The wheels were soon put to good use when moving this very heavy frame into the Paintshop for priming and painting.

Having delivered the vacuum cylinder workbench to the trestle area of the Paintshop, John offered to take a photo of the photographer. So here I am coating corridor end parts in red oxide ready for top coating on Tuesday, and thus ready for Ken to fit on Wednesday.

Paul doing a great job tidying up the lobby. In the foreground is one of the seat backs from SK 24949 which desperately needs new moquette.

So here they all are! Enjoying the fresh are and waiting for "His Majesty" to come by.

It's almost impossible not to want to take a photo of the King - what an engine!. The blue has become quite popular now.

Report by Dave Clark

5 comments: said...

An interesting blog. The gwsr has at present the two finest steam locos on any Heritage line. i,e, the king and the mn.

Toddingtonted said...

There is a third of course, GWR 2807, a loco that was once a regular on the "Honeybourne Line" in both GWR and BR days!

Powli Wilson said...

Two of the best (King & MN) and can't you tell when riding behind them? I always thought that, much as I like the HSTs for travelling in, steam (well the big diesels) could have maintained HST timetables, with 2 locos for 8 coaches!

Powli Wilson

But thanks for the fascinating and revealing blog.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

You are so lucky there to be able to see these magnificent engines as close as you do, does anyone know when the King leaves? it seems my away days may be limited at the moment and I need to get some good pictures as last time the SD card in the camera went U.S.! So I lost all my pictures from the Gala. My own fault for not checking it before going to the Gala.....Meanwhile another great deal of good workmanship done there. At the Gala we travelled in a coach that was like new, everyone said how good it was, the ride was wonderful as well!
Paul & Marion.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I believe its with us until the end of August at least.