Thursday, 27 June 2019

Wednesday - Another Birthday

The birthday today belongs to Penny one of the younger members of the department!

Happy Birthday Penny!

The upholstery area was duly decorated. This was just one bit of the d├ęcor.

We are now looking at the possibility of a rolling replacement of the seats in 24939
from the third rake. Some of the seats have already been replaced but in a hotch potch quick fix fashion. We are now looking to do the rest and get the seats looking not only new but a set again.

So Jenny and Penny set about identifying which of John Hills Cutting patterns they needed. What sort of carriage is it?

In the mean time the two Dave's were stripping the first of the seat back down. The old and very tired moquette is already gone.


A bit of assistance needed here to get the corner of the first class seat cushion corner sorted. One of the more fiddly jobs.

In the new saloon area of the BSK 34929 a quick review various bits of the fitting out. Don't forget the Emergency Chord  and where are the lights going etc. The centre section of the ceiling is in position.

As is the first side of the entrance vestibule partition.

Colin Cutting the other side. He had earlier made a template to ensure the curves and cut ours were right.

Richard still working his way through the set of door pills

The guards desk has been removed, mainly because we have to replace a section of the floor. However, while its out it will get a tota;l strip down and repaint.

Tony and Rex continued the window clean up for 16221.


While Bob Webb and his son were in to start laying the new floor in the DMU. This the screed layer at the south end.

The top layer will go down on Thursday.

Saturday - another quiet one

Another smallish number in again, so not many photos today.
Although the next major goods vehicle overhaul will be the Shark ballast plough, Richard and Paul are still happily doing what they can with the "Croes Newydd" Toad brake van.

Further into the Workshop to find George undercoating more windows on BSK 34929.

At the south end of the coach Steve is preparing the corridor sliding door for re-mounting, re-attaching the brackets for the rail.

John Osborn completes the new work bench for the vacuum cylinders. .The wheels were soon put to good use when moving this very heavy frame into the Paintshop for priming and painting.

Having delivered the vacuum cylinder workbench to the trestle area of the Paintshop, John offered to take a photo of the photographer. So here I am coating corridor end parts in red oxide ready for top coating on Tuesday, and thus ready for Ken to fit on Wednesday.

Paul doing a great job tidying up the lobby. In the foreground is one of the seat backs from SK 24949 which desperately needs new moquette.

So here they all are! Enjoying the fresh are and waiting for "His Majesty" to come by.

It's almost impossible not to want to take a photo of the King - what an engine!. The blue has become quite popular now.

Report by Dave Clark

Monday, 24 June 2019

Thursday - A quiet day for a Thursday

Missing in a action

Dave and I have both had issues to deal with lately that have precluded us from either attending C&W or getting round to publishing blog updates: Me bad back: Dave - Bad Drains.

I am pleased to say my back is getting better and Thames Water have agreed to deal with Dave's Drains so hopefully in the near future we will be back to the regular updates of the departments activates.

A brief report and photos by Paul Wood, with some input from Richard Hoy. 

With just 12 signed in it was a quiet day, emphasised by the empty Mess Room seats. With the timetable reaching the busiest part of the running season, the 3rd Rake will now be in a lot more use, so more attention outside and the cleaning inside has been completed. The DMU also received more attention from the Indoor Gang, keen to get as much completed as possible before the lino relaying begins on the 26th June.

The two Richards (fondly known as Richard I and Richard II ) have been checking the batteries and chargers on the 3rd Rake.

Phil was modifying the drain tap on RMB 1808.


Moving over to the Cotswold side of the yard and TSO 4867 where Dave Hancox is vacuuming all the old paint removed from the ceiling.

Very much the before and after with the compartment ceilings in 4867, with Bob Keyte's painting really smartening things up.

Pat, Alan and Tony replaced the missing bits of ceiling panelling in the south compartment of DMU 51405.

Richard Hoy initially did some wire-wooling of the aluminium strips, which removes old tarnishing and any paint splashes. Where necessary he removed the seat bases and vacuumed underneath and in the nooks. The side panels were also vacummed and wiped them over with a damp cloth to get the rest of the dust off. He also did some work on the dirty lino which has made a welcome difference.

Under brighter sky's 4270 leaves the station and heads north with the "Cotswold Express", the main train of the day.

Paul Wood and Richard Hoy

Friday, 21 June 2019

Tuesday - More of the green and blue

Back to more normal Tuesday attendance with 13 signed in. Once again a lot of focus on the DMU. With the new lino due to go in where needed on the 26th/27th of the month, we wanted to get as much cleared up inside as possible. Once the lino is in the unit can be moved outside if necessary and remaining internal work completed there.
Bob Slater having "fun" removing some very reluctant screws from the support for 51405's corridor entrance side panel. This will enable a clear run for Bob and Pete Webb, our regular lino contractors.

It was then on to cleaning up the side panels, though old Formica never really cleans up very well.
A final clean of the corridor door area with the side panels placed nearby.

Also going on inside was some more floor cleaning - we must remember to put sheets on the floor as well as the seats when ceiling painting! Richard Hoy (not pictured) was painting Silver Hammerite on the discoloured bolt heads for the luggage racks, a big improvement.

Maurice gave the compartment side of the cab door a coat of the Exec Light Grey. A second coat will complete the job.

Keith and Richard were back on seat frame painting in Rail Blue. This is another big improvement.

Stu found a "dry" bit that somehow was missed on our quick repaint of the lower Cotswold side panels a couple of weeks ago. This was soon rectified!
Under the sole bar the general state was dirt and as such we originally abandoned trying to do any sprucing up. However some parts really needed highlighting, so Maurice got cracking with a clean up and then the relevant undercoats applied. Much later in the day this had dried so Bob Mac added the top coat.

Even though the south end is between coaches, and again we weren't going to bother because of this, Stu decided that some of the pipework needed painting. He is a very quick worker, literally bouncing from job to job. That notice is well placed as anyone soon discovers if climbing into the unit via the corridor entrance!


A happy smiling Cheryl having a field day with painting or varnishing everything on the trestles, from new bits of ceiling for 51405 to light fittings for BSK 34929.

I love her wet paint signs!

The wooden light fittings - sanded, re-stained and then varnished.

Stu deals with the numerous items that had been hanging on the hooks behind the trestles - all having a second coat of paint.

Normally something I regularly do, but today Dennis was doing a grand job of emptying all the Works bins and looking after the recycling. Thank you Dennis.

With nothing more that could currently be done with 51405 and more of our Tuesday regulars turning up, it was time to expand to BSK 34929. John Hughes and Richard Fairhurst (good to see him back) undercoated most of the Cotswold side window frames.
This is something that we could get on with. Further undercoating with lining out tape will wait until the missing doorway capping strips have been re-instated (and that can't happen until we get some door liners made to fit first).

Useful work continues inside TSO 4867 even though this is not due to come in until after we have started the green RBr restoration and space is available in the Works. Dave Hancox and Bob Mac continue the cleaning up of the south compartment ceiling.

The north end compartment ceiling, now undercoated by Bob Keyte and looking very much better.

The two bogies have returned from St Phillips Marsh, Bristol, with the wheelset tyres gleaming after their turning.

Oh yes, it was raining again!

The blue King looking superb as it pulls away towards Toddington with newly restored TSO 4986 at the head of the rake. I, no doubt along with many others, will be sorry when the King has to return to Didcot - what a magnificent loco!

Report by Dave Clark

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Thursday - Here, there and everywhere

A smaller than usual attendance for a Thursday, however we were still scattered around the whole site as usual. Not photograhed were Paul in the 3rd Rake and Bob Keyte undercoating more of the cleaned up ceiling in TSO 4867.

It was back to cleaning up yet another CK window frame for Rob and Phil.

With a new bottom section cut on the latest CK 16221 window, Ken paused to let me take the photo before continuing the spot welds.

The finished job, ready for the cleaned up frame to be put back in.

Back inside DMU 51405 Richard was working on more of the seat frames, very carefully sanding the rough paintwork and then applying a fresh coat of the Rail Blue.

With many of the 3rd Rake jobs now completed, Tony and Pat were back in 51405 re-attaching one of the communication cord receptacles.

The new ceiling side panels had also been put up during the day. Just one length remaining to fit.

Who said we didn't have much painting and varnishing to do?! A collection of items from BSK 34929 comprising the metalwork from a corridor connection, a tare plate, and the various bits of light fittings, plus the final large ceiling panel for DMU 51405. 

The rain was incessant at times. Outside are the two bogies with wheelsets which are being collected the next day for tyre turning at St Phillips Marsh, Bristol. In the distance is SK 24804 which has been shunted out of the jack road.

24804 has been replaced by BG 92418 which has been brought in so that we can extract the wheelsets and other useful bits off the bogies. 

John and Ian in the process of loosening the nuts for the keep plate on this axlebox.

A view from the yard towards the Works with a very threatening sky looming.

The first of two very enjoyable tours given for the Redditch Railway Interest Group. Several in the group are in fact members of the Railway, one of them in our Cleaning Team.

Viewing the excellent progress inside the new open passenger area of BSK 34929. Maybe it should now be "BSOK".

A photo I should have taken last Saturday when he was in. The new Paintshop "Henry" with a splendid identification painted on by Alex. Our most fervent wish is that he eventually joins a dental practice in Cheltenham.

Report by Dave Clark