Friday, 17 May 2019

Wednesday - hanging ,,(doors)

With a good attendance of 26 today, the most we have had for a while, there was a lot going on. The thing that absorbed much of the effort was the welding on 16221 which wasn't surprising having 3 welders in attendance. 

The first step of the morning was a debate for what needed doing and who by! Rex and Ken discuss the south end now the gangway connector has been removed.

Rex got the job of cutting out the bas plate and the inner left crash pillar base. Nick then set about welding in the replacement section of base plate.

Ken went to make some hinge bolts for C&M. Yes it was straight threaded rod but with a little heat it was soon converted. 

John Varley was delegated to preparing the replacement sections of crash pillar chopping of the required lengths and prep it ready for welding by Nick.

David having done some fine sanding on 34929 switch to 16221 to for a bit of heavy sanding and base prep work and drilling all the rivets out round this window. It was tiull firmly stuck to the carriage with the mastic sealant so we left it for the Thursday team to remove.

The door team were predominantly involved with hanging doors. Two in fact but not final fits. Both doors were missing one or more of their hinges. So the best process is to hang or position the door in the opening and then sort out the location for the missing hinge.

These are door 4 an 5 on 34929 Door 4, which has been on the carriage for a while but missing the lower hinge and door 5 which is missing all the hinges. So with door 5 wedge in place 

we new we had the position right for the lower hinge on door 4 to be fitted and we could mark up door 5 as well.

Also back in place were the corresponding double doors on the Cotswold side. Getting the fit correct on this pair of doors will be more problematic as one of the doors in not original and although the hinge spacing looked good the door doesn't hang straight.

Fred joined us again today and did some greying up on the Malvern side after some extensive sanding had been carried out.

John Hamer was busy reassembling much of the bogies that belong under 4986. Its amazing how many bits are assembled on an operational bogie.! I got absorbed assisting a late in the afternoon and consequently forgot to take a picture. 

The door team also escaped me today!

Ainsley doing some bracket maintenance for the War in the Cotswold team.

4 comments: said...

Terrific jobs gentlemen. 16221 seems to have been in one hell of state. But you are winning.

Nozumi said...

Can i ask what happened to the old door hinges that you need to make new ones ?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Many of these carriage do arrive from the scrap yard or were on there way to one. In the case of 16221 one door was twisted and hanging by the lower hinge.

We don't make new outer door hinges we have 'stores of originals' we can raid when required.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

The state of the carriage is about par for one that came from the scrap list and then sat outside for 26 years. In many ways its actually better than we expected. Although the window corners are gone most of the inner rails are actually in a pretty good state.