Thursday, 9 May 2019

Wednesday - A window in the works

Our number continue to be rather low so it was good to be joined by Roger Gooden today.

Roger assisted Ainsley with prepping one of the first class windows from 16221 ready to be put back in the carriage. Here applying the mastic strip round the edge of the frame that makes for a watertight seal when the window is in place.

Rex removed another frame and set about cutting out the rust and prepping everthing ready for the welder tomorrow. This the south end toilet window.

Ainsley and roger riveted the large window back in place

and moved on to clean up the window Rex had removed.

Getting a first time view into the works some colleges from Broadway who had heard Ed has a stock of wood off cuts! After a tour of the works they left their arms full for a return train to Broadway.

Colin was still working on the swing doors for the kitchen so they couldn't take them as well.

The upholstery team are down to the last 2 bases and 6 cushions for the first class section of 16221
John Hill helping Penny manoeuvre the base cover through the sewing machine.

Dave having completed the seat base cleaning up has moved onto some arm rests.

While David making new ones for 16221 is through to the last 6 of those.

The door team are busy progress one of each pair of double doors for 34929. with one done from a pair we check the fit before removing the other door.  

Tony restricted to sitting down jobs got a lot of painting done. These the end woods for a corridor connection.

During the day there was a large shunt with 4986 leaving the paintshop to be replace by the DMU which is back for interior finishing after a bake for the winter main rake work to be completed.

Des spent much of the day investigating a leak in the discovery carriage. after the removal of a section of ceiling we located a likely area. A check on the roof found these 2 patch repairs. The leak appear to be between the 2! With several years out in the baking sun and freezing cold has perished the mastic so thertes a job for tomorrow.

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Neil S. said...

You need to keep an eye on the travelling community from Broadway. Anything that isn't nailed down.........................