Thursday, 2 May 2019

Wednesday - Ware and Tear

With increased passenger numbers comes the inevitable increase in wear and tear on the carriages.

The upholstery team are took up this challenge as have sorted out some matching moquette to make a replacement. As this is in a running carriage it will probably have to be replaced on the move. So iguess the tam will have a ride on the train come Saturday if the new panel is ready!

Ken returned to compete the large panel on 16221 while John varley was working on a door skin and Nick was doing the cant rail on the other side of 16221.

Later and for much of the day John and Nick worked on modifying a guide plate for one of the roller shutters to make it run more smoothly.

On the painting front Des was on the lower panelling while David was on the top section with some greying up on 34929

Craig and Trevor were cleaning and sorting out door hinges on 34929

and also door lock plate mountings. 3 of the 4 screws came out ok. The least said about the forth!

Mike was working on one of the blank (windowless) doors from 34929.

Keeping track of which door is which isn't usually an issue. We try not to remove to many at once. However, in the case of 34929 a BSK with 14 original door that isn't quite so easy.  Due to the wheelchair access redesign it will have only 10 doors. Having removed what would normally have been 6, 7, 8 and 9 we didn't relabel the doors when we should I will have to check the set and ensure we get them relabelled. Add to that that one door was removed a long time ago and a temporary one hung in its place and another have been replaced years ago when the carriage was first modified to provide wheelchair accommodation, but on a different basis to the one we are now building, it all gets a little confusing. Currently we seem to have 'mislaid' door 9 and 10 or is that 13 and 14?

 Richard was making some plywood plates with holes in for Ed. I am not sure what they are for and at the time Ed wasn't around to ask!

Ed was actually up at Toddington with Andy to measure up for some planking to cover one of the loco pits. He was soon back at Winchcombe and making the first one up.

Colin was working on the doors for the Broadway Refreshment room kitchen.

and someone else, not me this time, was making sandcastles!


Geoff J said...

That side panel damage looks like the result of misbehaviour to me. Well done for planning a prompt repair though.

St Blazey 1925 said...

16221 is looking a lot better than when it first entered the shops.
Also 34929 is getting there.
Well done to the good crew who share of their expertise in C&W.
Regards, Paul.