Thursday, 23 May 2019

Tuesday - The big clean

A very low number today with just 5 of us attending. We did however spot Cheryl, Derek, and even Alex, on the Chocolate & Cream set as it went by, and naturally made loud comments about getting back to work!

The planned shunt to reorganise the Chocolate & Cream rake went ahead as planned the day before, with John Hamer going in specially to supervise. So, no surprise that we dashed out to watch the first train of the day and our "new" main rake go by. A black Manor followed by Carmine & Cream SK 25488, now at the south end of the rake, is very reminiscent of mid-Wales in the early 1950s.

The one we have been waiting so long to see. Newly restored TSO 4986 at the north end of the rake and looking superb!

Back to business with Maurice painting in undercoat white one of the new ceiling panels for DMU 51405's south compartment.

In the north compartment, the rebuild of one of the interior window frames had been completed and primed. Maurice added a coat of undercoat cream. 

The main task of the day was giving the floors of the Paintshop, Workshop and Barn a major brush and vacuum, both as a general tidy-up and in preparation for our three open days during the Steam Gala over the Bank Holiday Weekend. The job took more or less the whole day and still more could have been done in the Barn, but we ran out of time.

Maurice, Alan and Richard taking a well-earned rest They did suggest that I brought them tea and cake to save them going up to the Mess Room - as if! A great job though - thanks team!

Report by Dave Clark


Anonymous said...

The panel that Maurice is painting is actually for a nasty leak in the Discovery Coach which hopefully will be mended next week.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thast's what we thought until we tried to fit it and found it was way to small. Hence in Wednesdays blog you will see a new one being cut.