Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Saturday - Its all coming together

After a somewhat hectic week this are finally dropping into place.

The fit to run tests on the small freight set are complete. Thanks tian, Brian and john Hamer. 

Brian got to paint up the securing bracket on the end of the guards van. Th bracket having been made by Nick and Brian during the week.

 After a final check of the dynamo belt, is it to tight  a bit maybe. so an adjustment to bring the dynamo closer to the BR manuals stated position and it was better.

The carriage was then towed out into the yard.

One final touch to lop the changing cable up so that it doesn't hang down to far in operation.

with the jack road clear we could start a big clear up the old batteries were stripped from their boxes ready for disposal at our local trader.

Jenga anyone?

In the workshop and nearing completion Richard Stone and Paul were trimming the ends of the LNWR van.

Paul trims and cuts Richard fits.

next up 16221 in the barn with the south end gangway removed and laid flat the first jub was to remove the rubber section this is torn along the top edge and after inspection by the upholstery team we decided to fit a new one when we get that far.

the next task of cleaning it all up and renewing all the studs has been started by Andy James and John Squires.

Back in the workshop Steve continued with fitting a new floor for the north vestibule. The underside treated against the weather it was then fitted.

then worked round the corner to complete the corridor.

 From the battery box 'Jenga' we move to James with the rebar 'pick up sticks'.

suitably cut to lengths they were welded into position for the culvert cover somewhere north of Toddington.

 So that we don't end up with all the windows out at once I set about refitting this one that has already been cleaned up., The first step of putting a window back is the position it for the holes in the new metal work to be drilled. It will be removed again for the mastic sealant to be applied before being finally fitted. (if you try and put the mastic on then drill the holes you end upo with a horrible mess as the drill bit twists the mastic out through the hole).

In the upholstery shop Jenny was very proud of the seat side panel section she cut out. we could have a major demarcation dispute with the woodwork team on our hands!


Paul Wilson said...

I think my wife and I travelled in the coach yesterday (21st) was it 4968 (or similar)? Beautifully finished and turned out, even my wife was full of praise, and the lady in the seat behind us was heard to comment to her friends "at the SVR when you sit down clouds of dust fill the compartment" o dear!

Powli Wilson

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Thanks again for the reports and pictures, great work being done there. The goods train will look very smart running on the line, pity we cannot have a photographers ride on this along the line!
BTW as I have decided to retire (finally I hear you shout!)I have a small number of old threading taps in the old sizes and a few other tools of the imperial sizes that will need a new home but where they can be used rather than gather dust and rust so would youo or the guys at Toddington workshop be able to make use of them?
Paul & Marion