Thursday, 2 May 2019

Saturday - Another changeover

Another quietish day with more of our volunteers away, this time helping out with the "Wartime in the Cotswolds" weekend. 

The first day of our special weekend was one of very cold winds, so not much hanging around outside after the trains had gone by. The crossing monitors were very well wrapped up.

Starting with Upholstery with Dave and Penny, the husband and wife team, cleaning up the inner parts of another of the first class seats from CK 16221.

Jenny vacuums some of the seat tops.

Down below in the Paintshop Steve is finishing his rebuild of the north end vestibule of TSO 4986.
With all that cleaning stuff in the centre vestibule, Paul will be aboard somewhere giving the inside another clean - I think he was vacuuming the luggage racks when I went by the coach..

Phil Salter completed the fitting of the communication cord equipment at the south end of 4986.

The fire bucket for BCK 21092 was filled with some fresh sand (I found a handy sack of it in Lineside Drainage's area of the yard!). Who added the smiley face?! (it was me. Well someone had to do it. He he)

Peter came in just for the morning and amongst a number of things, primed the Cotswold side battery box frame on BSK 34929. He then painted this in Underframe Black.

Later in discussion with Eddie about the next stages of the flooring for 34929.

John Hawkins worked on more filling and sanding on the Malvern side of the coach.

Another job done by Peter was adding this section of capping strip to Guards doorway on the Cotswold side of 34929. Part of the process of finding all the bits!

Andy and Ian were servicing another vacuum cylinder. 

Later working on the cylinder valve.

The 'plan' or quick drawings to the left of the new panel that was made on Thursday for under the stretcher window.

In the Barn, Ian works under BCK 21092 checking the brake block pins are correctly fitted. 

Later it was all change with the jack road space vacated and SK 24804 brought in so that the underneath and bogies could be checked. Although 21092 still has some internal things and a bit of painting remaining, it is essential we get 24804 checked over as the Steam Gala will soon be here.

BCK 21092 is slowly brought back to where 24804 was previously positioned in the yard. 

Taken as the sun disappears behind a cloud, the coach looks very good in its new chocolate and cream livery, and will make a great addition to the 3rd Rake

Report by Dave Clark


Iver Driver said...

As usual a great blog. Those involved with CK16221 might be interested in the updated webpage on the Bluebell Rly website for their similar CK16012 - which had its stretcher window removed to reduce water ingress! - some nice shots of its refurbished interior - although I'm sure you guys can do as good or better job!.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

We are aware of the Bluebells CK. We elected to try and keep the stretcher window operational. It will be a nice feature for the war week end perhaps if we can organise it correctly! There is a lot of research going into the rubber seals to try and keep it water tight and just in case the drainage to prevent water gathering inside if we fail!