Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Gala Saturday

For the Gala as is our usual practice the workshop was open for viewing and there was a steady flow of visitors regularly topped up as another train  arrived.  

However, we do still continue to get things done. With the carriages recently outshopped there is a tidy up in progress. Some doors that have been swapped for various reasons were returned to storage by Kevin and Ian.

George made some more progress on the prep work for 34929

and Steve was continuing the floor building along the corridor.

The Caly Tank spent much of the day shunting the demo freight in and out of our yard giving the spectators in our viewing area a very good close up view.

Breaks on sunny days are often taken outside but with the number of visitors a little sanctuary in the mess rom was apparently welcome.

Another unexpected visitor to C&W was the P'Way landrover. With space on the jack road it was possible to bring it in to the barn for a quick welding repair job. It carried out by James repairing a broken hinge.

You would think we put it there deliberately but the spare wheel set made a good seat for the Caly tank crew to take a brake off the footplate.

Right behind Ben were Richard and Paul doing some more work on the brake rigging of the brake van

This rather bent beam needed a little straightening. Not a lot as it is actually meant to curve.

The window team Rob and Tony, were back at it putting new rubber into another frame. one I later fitted to the carriage.

Andy and James were on drilling to replace broken studs in the gangway connector.

The upholsters managed to tear themselves away from the passing trains to do some more armrest work.

Mind you with the passing array of locos its not surprising it was difficult and many others also spent time spectating.

Not surprising it was difficult!

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Thursday - An interesting day

A very busy day with more like the normal number in for a Thursday, and of course the pre-Gala treat to look forward to.

With the 4th Rake and the Caley tank scheduled for an early run, we were out en-masse to watch its arrival. Prior to that there were a few things to sort out on the rake, including a loose door pull on FK 13329 which John Hamer fixed. The rake's electrics were a bit awry when connected up but this is only a temporary arrangement for the Gala. John chats with the train crew and the Guard.

Having collected the rake, the train sets off for Toddington where it is replacing the DMU for the day. 

Returning to the Paintshop after all the excitement with Richard undercoating the second ceiling section destined for the Discovery Coach (not the DMU 51405 as I originally thought in Tuesday's report).

Inside 51405 Bob Slater is drilling holes in the replacement framework ready for reconnecting the end of the communication cord.

Bob and Tony Baker cleaning up the hand receptacles for the cord prior to reinstating them.

Tony and Bob very carefully marking out a piece of laminate for 51405. After that comes the very careful cutting with a saw - it can so easily be spoilt.

In the north compartment Pat and Alan are similarly measuring up with another piece to fit above the window behind them.

Into the Barn and CK 16221 where Rob, with help from Derek inside, is trying to lever the window away from the bodyside. No surprise that all the screws and rivets came out except the obstinate little group on the right hand side. The angle grinder was brought into play and soon sorted that little problem.

With the window removed Rob cuts away the corroded metal panel at the base of the window void.

Back to the previous window that can now be refitted.

Tony Barnard finishing off another beautifully cleaned up window frame.

Having prepared and welded in a new section of sheet metal at the south end of 16221, Ken cleans up the weld. Progress on the CK has been quite amazing and certainly makes up for the delay in getting on with its restoration.

Inside the south vestibule Phil is sorting out the electric cabling for the end connection.


Now why has this gathering taken place, with yet more out of camera shot?

You have no doubt guessed we were waiting for the DMU-replacement to appear, and what a splendid sight! The Caley tank is a most welcome Gala visitor, and it's good to see SK 24804 (the second of the two NYMR loan coaches) running. And who was on this train waving as it passed by? Yes, it was our Alex again, supposedly revising for his exams - well, so he says, the big cheeky grin looked too much like enjoyment!

With little painting to do at the moment until 34929 is ready and/or the DMU is finished and we can get a 3rd Rake coach in for a repaint, the painting team work has temporarily moved into the former Quainton Road coach TSO 4867. The ceiling is in quite a state and will take some cleaning up before we can repaint it. Bob uses "wet-and-dry", which proved to be relatively successful in removing the crumbly old paint. He later tested the result with a coat of white undercoat and the result was better than expected.

Richard was using standard paper. The state of the ceiling can easily be seen. Although not yet scheduled in the restoration queue, early preparation like this will save a lot of time when the coach does come in.

Dave Hancox had been cleaning and coating rusted areas on 4867 to help prevent further corrosion.

A quick shunt took place to get the demo freight train into position ready for Saturday.

Hello! Where did these come from? Some posh seats for the Gala viewers. The stakes for the viewing area at the end of the Barn have been banged into place ready for the chequer tape to go up.

Report by Dave Clark

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Wednesday - Getting ready

A good with more usual levels of attendance which means a lot got done.

With amass of jobs to do on 16221 in the barn there was this opportunity for a double action shot.  Nearer to us is Ken replacing a bottom window rail and the renewing the outer skin on the right hand end of the window opening.

in the background Rex on the outside and Bryan on the inside of the stretcher window. They have rehung the frame so that we can work on the locking mechanism and sort out how we can try to improve on the waterproofing of the opening. 

With the frame in place they were able to position the lock plate got Ken to weld it in. the lock then attached to the window and locked very securely in place. This is just one of the three internal locks. There are also 3 external inter connected locks. For the window to open all 6 have to be undone.

On the south end Nick was welding in the base place centre section and the last of the crash pillar replacement sections.

In the workshop the door team are starting to sort out missing hinges and getting them precisely positioned. Mike drilling while Derek checks the drill is horizontal. Another double action shot with David and Fred sanding filler applied at the weekend.

Back in the workshop Mike was showing Trevor the art of sticking the glass into a carrier for a door. They have to withstand a lot of pushing and pulling so in time they come apart. 

Training over Mike was back to hinge fitting this time the door half.

Roger who has joined the woodwork team under the guidance of Geoff was busy trimming a section of the base structure for the new floor in the old baggage area.

 for the south end floor of BSK 34929

After a long session of sanding David had a change and applied some more grey to the carriage. There is only so much sanding you can do in a day.

Des and Derek combined to renew the ceiling on the Discovery Coach. The first job was to get Ed to cut a section of hardboard to make the ceiling with.

In the upholstery shop Jenny was double checking the lengths of piping for the seats while in the background Penny was starting to tack a seat edge 

John was carefully measuring up the next one.

and Dave ensured they all kept at it. mainly because he ad striped all the covering and padding from the set of armrests.

 Colin checking the hinge positions on the double doors for the Broadway refreshment room. These are 2 way swinging hinges saloon style. They will neatly obscure the rather ugly view through the door to the kitchen sink.

During the day Neil and Kevin collected the 3rd rake of 6 carriages for the gals. This left space later in the day for John Hamer and Phil to assemble the 4th rake of 5 carriages which were then positioned in platform 2 ready for Thursdays collection by the Caly tank.

Another job for the loco department. this time some planks to go over the pit in the loco shed. He had obtained some special nonslip floor panelling to go on the top

To withstand the rigors it will be exposed to it is specially reinforced to the point we had to get Nick to cut it to size. Apparently you can order this stuff cut to size,. Now we know why!

 More prep for the Gala Foremarke Hall was out late on double heading with Dinmore Manor