Friday, 19 April 2019

Wednesday - wide spread welding

I was away riding boats up a canal today with eldest daughter and her family so Nick Evetts kindly capture the pictures for me. Which just leaves me to tell the story from the pictures!

The upholstery tame are make great progress with the seats for 16221 and are back in their usual position of being way in front of the rest of us. We have only just started on the body welding repairs.

Penny and John check over the pattern of another section of seat covering.

while David is working away on the side panels. Getting these right is crucial too thick and you can't them and the seats to fit the space available.


Dave was back to removing the old moquette from the next seat to be reupholstered.

The painting of the LNWR I the van was continued by Rod today.


While the Cotswold side of 34929 got some more grey base coat applied.


note we label the coach while the numbers is missing not because we can't remember the number otherwise but for visitors who will always ask which carriage it is.

On the Malvern side repairs are still in progress with the centre door pillar being reskinned by Nick.

As we are converting the old parcels area of the carriage to a passenger saloon area we are doing some extensive rebuilding of the floor.

John Varley got the job of changing the argon light gas cylinder on this welding unit today so I am guessing we will need to do another run shortly to get a couple of replacements. One of those little jobs that rarely gets noticed.

With the amount of welding we are doing just at the moment we do get through the gas quickly. Here is one way we do it another door pillar replaced this on CK 16221 door 4.

To get the best possible fit with the door we try to ensure the door is in place when we do it.
The hole above the door is a job for next week.

Working on the Cotswold side the carriage Ken is gradually remodelling the framework in the area of the stretcher window. This area suffered badly from rust as a result of the failed rubber seal round the window.

Out in the yard Nick was assisting John Hamer free the ceased brake hanger under the LMS brake van. After the application of some heat they eventually managed to get it freed up and moving again. John Than had to get all the brakes adjusted.

Paul and the door team are now full swing on the doors for 34929.

 Derek has moved on from platform trollies to making O's. (No this isn't a 2 Ronnies joke) This is for the Lineside and Drainage team who are refurbishing the mile post along the line. We have recently repainted aa lot of post and markers now we are making a set of number which will be used to make casts for the actual numbers to be used.

Phil refitting the toilets in 4986. This is getting very close to leaving the paintshop and joining the queue for the jack road and bogie checks before outshopping.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Wonderful work!
The upholstery team members are the unsung heroes. Who thinks when riding in a carriage about the seating? Well done to YOU who make the ride more comfortable.
Regards. Paul.

PaulK said...

Great work going on as usual. If the upholstery team get too far ahead with the Mk 1 stock then there seems to be plenty of DMU work coming up what with the newly acquired intermediate carriage that will need doing if they want to get this into service quickly.

Regards PaulK

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

We have made that mistake before! there is no point in starting on work on seating in a carriage we are not going to be working on in the near future. We don't have the storage space for completed seats which we would not be able to put back into the carriage before the restoration work is done.

We have 2 catering vehicles to attend too and several operational carriages that need TLC before we consider the new DMU carriage.

With carriages we understand that they have to be acquired when they are available. That does not mean we have the capacity to work on them straight away.