Thursday, 4 April 2019

Wednesday - Winter returns

Another day for staying inside and we turned the workshop heater on as well. However, the roller shutters showed there worth again with is still be reasonable work in the barn.
Work has definitely moved on with the doors and doorways for 34929 becoming a main focus. John Varley returned to work on a door we started repairing several months ago before 4986 and 21092 both overtook the carriage. This one is almost ready to return to the door team.

Paul was also working on a door from 34929 stripping it down ready for welding. A touch of I will do one for you if you do one for me. There are plenty of doors to do for this carriage. We may have removed 4 but there are STILL 10 to do! 

Geoff was carefully removing the double door thresholds that will need replacing. He successfully removed one as a template to make the new ones.

Rod found some more snagging to do a 4986's centre doorway. The lining out didn't go back into the doorway which is our style.

We bit the bullet today and removed the stretcher window as we know this one will require rather more work than the rest to restore. as this is rare it attracted great interest with Ken Gerry, Rex and Derek all getting involved.

some careful shot were taken of the frame work when removed as documentation / reference purposes.


The window has three external lock on it and opens inwards. So if the seals aren't perfect that's why the water gets in and rots the sides. Find suitable new seals will be a challenge. It may well also be a question of improved drainage for the water that does get in.

With the frame out the body side was stripped to expose the frame work or what's left of it. Some very rusty sections which was only to be expected. 

The old carriage 'skin' having been removed was discard and ready for the skip, but not in this weather! It can wait. The ravages of the tin worm are very evident.

Once removed Ken set about cleaning and servicing the lock. we also found that the top section of the frame is actually separate from the lower part and with the window sliders held in place by self tapper screws rather that the usual small 2 BA screws.

 The ceiling panels got another coat of paint from Des this morning.

Synchronised sewing was the order of the day for John and Dave in the upholstery shop.

On a cold soggy day there was still a reasonable number of visitor including a school party. 

A memorial plaque remembering Terry Creswell was produced be Ed today and will go on the wall in the Tim Mitchell Building which was equipped by a bequest from Terry.

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For odd seals try Woolies.

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