Friday, 12 April 2019

Wednesday - wide ranging work

One can be forgiven for getting the idea that Jenny has been absent for some time and was back with us today! You would be correct in that impression.

Soon back into the swing of the upholstery department we again had the full range of their work on display. Jenny checking the fit of the moquette sections Penny was sewing.

while Dave was applying a foundation cover to the seat base.

and David shaped up the side panels

….contoured beautifully
John was continuing the work on fitting the moquette round an armrest position.

The door team are now in full swing with doors from 34929 again. Oh yes there are still 10 of them!

while John Varley is working of repairs to the door skins.

The floor of the new saloon area is a source of much debate to get it right.


exactly how is the frame going to be fitted first to get the heights sorted out.

Another door pillar on 34929 in need of attention it has clearly been repaired before but that repair, which appears to be ex BR is now in need of attention itself. we will do a complete replacement. of the offending sections.

Some of the structural frame on 16221 is getting the same total replacement. This is the section around the stretcher window that has clearly leaked badly allowing the rain in to rust the frame work. Ken cutting back to basics.

After the grey coat was applied to the LNWR van yesterday Rod started on undercoating the letters.

Then found a little patch of brown undercoat and door panel in 4986 that needed some more top coating.

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