Friday, 19 April 2019

Tuesday - Sort of quiet

Another quietish day from the attendance point of view.

 However, not so quiet when it came to cladding the roof of the LNWR van with the new tanalized T & G planking. Stu and Maurice did the fitting, while Richard was preparing the T & G planks in the Woodwork shop.
At the end of the day, almost all the roof had been covered.

In the Barn Keith sands down the bridging (fibre) filler that I had earlier added to the end of BCK 21092 to cover a hole where the Cotswold side filler pipe had been connected. Once fully prepared Keith painted the area in gloss black.

Keith later assisted Dave Hancox with getting the ceiling panels prepared for re-hanging in the south vestibule of 21092.


Dave drills the holes in this panel ready for hanging in 21092.

John Huhes adds more light grey undercoat to the window frames on the Cotswold side of BSK 34929 following the secondary filling. 
On the Malvern side Alan ensures all the filler is completely sanded and flat with no ridges.

A number of items were painted on the trestles, including the second of the two fire buckets for the "Wartime in the Cotswolds" weekend, which is coming up at the end of April.

A happy day for Derek as we position the rebuilt platform trolley for the Friends of Winchcombe Station.

W51405 will be needed much earlier than first thought so we must get this completed as soon as TSO 4986 is out of the Paintshop.  

Finally my traditional peek at the locos running today as "Dinmore Manor" brings the main rake into Winchcombe. The day remained very murky, but some great effects from the steam and smoke which wafted down on our side of the line for a change, giving us those lovely pungent fumes which we enjoy so much.

Report by Dave Clark

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