Monday, 22 April 2019

Thursday - Lots to do outside

A very varied day, with quite a lot going on outside the Works, including preparations for the forthcoming "Wartime in the Cotswolds" weekend at the end of April.
Beginning outside, Tony selects replacement luggage racks for some of those inside SK 24804 with torn netting.

"Now where did that bolt drop?" Inside one of the compartments Tony and Pat install one of the replacement racks, another fiddly job, especially as the bolts go through the compartment wall. We had similar "fun" with the DMUs.

One of the racks that will need replacing, although for others the netting can be repaired.

Earlier in the day Pat prepares the last of the replacement door panels for the coach.

In the north vestibule Phil Jones tapes up the ceiling prior to undercoating.

Bob is back on top coating the corridor ceiling. The interior of 24804 is improving almost daily (well on our working days that is).

Into the Paintshop with Paul preparing the hinges for the toilet compartment doors in TSO 4986.
The underframe electric connectors were painted black. These should be orange, so Richard applies cream undercoat.

Richard tackles another of those annoying gaps created by the mysterious extra layer previously mentioned. This time the gap is too wide for sealant, so he carefully applies undercoat appropriate to the area being done.

Then on to the final job of the day, lining out the last of the six doors. The GWR roundel may look as though it is crooked, but it's actually an optical illusion. The coach number transfers similarly look crooked when not being viewed from directly opposite, somewhat alarming when not used to it.

Phil Salter attached the four electrical connectors, two at each end. These were subsequently painted on Saturday.

Jeff carried on with top coating the main lettering on both sides of the LNWR van.

Rob carefully inserts the new rubber sealing strip around the edges of the latest window removed from CK 16221.
Job done as Peter rivets the window back in on the Malvern side of the coach.

Derek works on the south end corridor connection, loosening the various components that will enable its removal.

Moving back outside with Dennis filling yet another bucket while cleaning the carriage floors in the 3rd Rake.

John Hamer working under the former LMS Guards Van in preparation for its movement both for the War Weekend and the later Steam Gala at the end of May.

And so into the shunting for the day, again making preparations for the Wartime Weekend as DMU 51405 is moved to the back siding.

While on SK 24804 I captured the rake of bogies being moved from the siding alongside the Works. The recently painted bogie puller stands out clearly in its bright yellow topcoat.

With the Fruit C van and Santa Grotto coach removed, the empty Platform 1 bay is a sight rarely seen.
The way was now clear to shunt in the three vehicles for the Wartime Weekend displays.

John Hamer uncoupled the 03 shunter, leaving the two vans and ex-LMS Guards van ready for the Wartime group.

SK 25488 is scheduled to be repositioned to the south end of the Chocolate & Cream set to replace SK 24949. This will be done when TSO 4986 finally leaves the works to join the set at the north end. SK 24949 will be used on a temporary 4th Rake during the Steam Gala, before coming into the Works for some maintenance.

Report by Dave Clark

3 comments: said...

Coach 4986 certainly required a vast amount of work. You no doubt are pleased it is now nearly finished.

Aardvark11 said...

For some time now I've wondered why the DMU runs around with a blue vehicle in the set. It looks odd, so are there any plans to repaint it green or replace it with a green vehicle?

Alex said...

I said at the time that the blue one should have been painted green! Hopefully it will be all green again soon, the other green power car was mostly finished last year just needing some interior work which we ran out of time for. The original idea for the blue per car was too form an all blue twin car set with the Scottish car parked at Toddington but that will be a long way off yet.