Monday, 29 April 2019

Thursday - Cloudbursts

Yep, we had a few of those all right. Going outside had to be planned! Otherwise a very good day with more like the usual Thursday attendance despite a number being away.
Starting in the Paintshop with Paul polishing the new paintwork on TSO 4986. 

For Richard Hoy it was back to the north vestibule, Cotswold side (Steve still has work to do on the Malvern side). It was more varnishing and painting, plus a further layer of sealant in that annoying doorframe gap. However he had a complete change later on as you will see.

Welcome to our latest new member Roger Gooden. After a tour of the Works, he set to sanding down the secondary filler on the Cotswold sie of BSK 34929.

Into the Barn and CK 16221. At the north end Rob and Derrick had been removing some of the badly rusted plating above the corridor entrance. Rob now carefully cuts away the next section.

Derek investigating typical under-window corrosion. Another window to be removed.

With my eyes on the ground to avoid the glare, I aimed my phone camera hopefully and to my delight got the perfect shot! Nick welds in the base of another window section on 16221.

All done and ready for the angle grinder.
Later in the day Ken is inserting a very large replacement section of panelling.

Moving over to the jack road where BCK 21092 is now located to find Alan improving the working of the straps on the south end Cotswold side door. Small wood blocks have been attached to the interior panelling to which the base of the strap has been re-attached. This improved the reach of the straps enabling better opening of the door.

The completed north vestibule ceiling in 21092.

Now across the yard to see how things are going in SK 24804. Well maybe when the deluge stops - that blue sky belies what was actually above us!

Tony and Pat were working on more luggage rack replacement and netting repairs.

Another compartment ceiling receiving attention with Phil Jones sealing some edge strips.

Bob Keyte apples undercoat to the ceiling in the first compartment.

Bob Slater applies top coat to the centre vestibule ceiling. As we said when we received the on-loan coaches from the NYMR, they will receive the same care and attention as our own stock.

Back in the Workshop Dave Hancox with the table legs out of BCK 21092. L-shaped metal brackets have been made by Nick and rivetted to the feet to enable the legs to be secured to the floor.

Nick again, this time having welded a broken rod on S&T's rail drilling machine - it has two drills to cut parallel holes in the side of the rail.

And what was Richard Hoy's enjoyable painting job? Yes, he's doing an "Alex" with the newly painted bucket.

It can barely be seen, but the "F I R E" really is there in the French chalk. 

He should be smiling because he made a very good job of it. The bucket was a mystery as it had been in the Paintshop quite some time, and it was likley to become another emigrant for Broadway. That was until we had another look at the requirements list for the Guards area in 21092 and discovered that the sand bucket was missing. Sorry Broadway!

Report by Dave Clark

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A great job gentlemen, thanks for the blog.