Friday, 12 April 2019

Thursday - a brief review

Just a few photos today as Peter and I were both busy with a morning IT meeting, and then in the afternoon Eddie and I gave a talk about C&W to a very nice visiting group while travelling from Broadway to Cheltenham. Just a rest after a long day Peter and I then joined with the ret pf the management team for a evening meeting!

Beginning with BSK 34929 with Bryan working on the badly corroded double doorway on the Malvern side. We should be able to retain the hinges in position and just remove the metal above and below each one, which will save a lot of repositioning afterwards.

Further along Ainsley is doing more filling and sanding in preparation for greying up on the Malvern side.

On the Cotswold side David is ensuring all the secondary filling is really smooth, with no hard edges. Some of this area was later given a second coat of undercoat Light Grey. Not that it really matters as it's undercoat, but the new tin just opened it definitely darker and not quite so matt.

The two toilets in the south end of TSO 4986 were being connected up by Phil. The coach can't be far off completion now.


From the almost finished to the other end of the scale, with Ken metalworking on the Cotswold side of CK 16221. I have put notices on the coach sides requesting that no filling be done yet as there is so much corrosion to sort out first.

Dave Hancox wipes up the drips from another water tank test at the south end of BCK 21092. However the cause of the problem, a disconnected breather pipe, was able to be fixed by Phil, which is great news because, subject to a test on Saturday,  we now don't need to take the tank out. Well done Phil!

Enjoying the open air Paul, watched by John, washes the sides of SK 24804.

Dennis follows on, wiping down the carmine panelling. The end result looked very good and well worth their efforts.

Inside 24804 Pat and Tony are fitting more of the varnished door panelling at the south end. This will be a very nice coach when we have completed all our planned work inside. Its first run will be in the temporary 4th Rake during the Cotswold Festival of Steam at the end of May.

Once again C&W comes to the rescue, with Nick welding up some point rodding for S&T. All went well judging by the smile on Malcolm's face when he came to collect it.

Report by Dave Clark

Summer must be getting close the benches are back in position and C&W are back to the serious business of checking out the operational carriages as they pass the works.

Smile and wave boys smile and wave!



Daily mayell said...

great work as always , the Carmine and cream have polished up well ,do these go back to NYMR once our new rakes of 8 x 3 are in use ? Many members would love to see a short set in use but our 2 colours are obviously more practical .

Would it be worth using the First corridor coaches for special events , now that we are increasing capacity with open stock rakes ? The corridor compartments are very popular for Race trains and Fish & Chip specials.

is there a freight train envisaged with all new wagons for the Gala at Whitsun ? So many new varieties are rarely seen in use . john M.


Toddingtonted said...

I believe that the 2 NYMR coaches, which are currently surplus to their requirements, will be at the GWSR for 10 years.

Alex said...

Hi John, the NYMR coaches are with us for 10 years for us to use as we wish. It's nice to have a couple of compartment coaches in each rake for variety and passengers do like them as you say.

I like the carmine and cream too but as you point out, any more than two colours and we inevitably end up with mixed rakes. It may be authentic but we're too OCD in C+W to cope with that! :)

There won't be a freight train as such but hopefully there will be next year when Broadway signalling is commissioned allowing platform 2 to be used. There will be some shunting of wagons around Winchcombe for interest this year though so visitors can admire our work.

Howard said...

There was of course a time when rakes were mixed and looked good as authentic BR trains. Pictures are in The Cornishman issue of Winter 2010