Friday, 5 April 2019

Thursday - and the rain came

Quite a day, but we won through, albeit with some getting very wet.
It couldn't have been worse when you have to shunt out your stock, some of it unprotected, to have the high safety wire annual inspection. Somewhat sickening after the glorious weather we have had. Thankfully things began to dry out, some of it quite quickly, as soon as the line of vehicles could be brought back in.
The good news is that all the safety equipment passed successfully, so we are fit for another year.

As always when we have an empty through road, it's a major sweep up with the floor looking very much better.

It will be good when we can get the concrete apron added to the front of the Barn, but we need to get the sleepers checked first.

Also getting soaked were those who were working in SK 24804 in the yard as part of the improvements to the interior in preparation for the coach's use in the Steam Gala. Pat, at the south end, and Tony and Alan in the north vestibule, were installing the new veneer panelling prepared by the Woodwork team.

Phil Jones was lightly sanding the corridor ceiling in preparation for a repaint. Some of the compartment ceilings will need this, although cleaning with sugar soap may bring others up to standard.

Easy to see why rainwater was coming through the vent into the north end toilet compartment. Will add "gutter repairs" to the list!

With rain drops still coating the side of BCK 21092, Alex carefully wipes the guards door after removing the protective tape from the transfer following the lower panel repaint on Tuesday.

With everything back in place, it was back to normal. Ken resumes his repairs around the Malvern side central doorway on BSK 34929.

Following on from his new role in the Freight Maintenance team, Bryan has fabricated a new tool. The individual bars are clamped in place ready for Ken to weld together.
A quick demonstration of its future use as a means of draining axle boxes.

Nearby Ian works on a DA valve (originally from RBr 1672) for possible use on SO 4790 following problems with the vac cylinder.

Having sorted out the leaking pipework after the refitting of the toilets in BCK 21092, Phil Salter prepares some more copper pipe.

Tony Barnard cleaning up more of the special removable window from CK 16221

Dave Hancox removes more of the protective tape and polythene covering from the Malvern side of 16221.

Inside the central vestibule on TSO 4986 Bob Keyte adds another coat of varnish to the new panels and doorframe beading. He also added further coats to two door backs.

Just for a change the wet look on the Winchcombe platform trolley wasn't rain - just a good coating of teak oil with a lovely smell!

With his newly made supports now attached, Derek undercoats the refurbished sack truck.

Underneath the paper is a good coating of French Chalk which sticks to the sandwich board as Alex carefully runs over each letter with a firmly pressed pencil.
After that, the right paint and brushes, and a very steady hand.
He said he would happily stay as a sign writer if we paid him a dentists salary. If only!

Report by Dave Clark

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