Monday, 22 April 2019

Saturday - Taking cleaning to new heights

With summer sun shining it is clearly time for a spruce up of many things.

Priorities as they are the first thing was for Dennis to give the C&W benches their annual teak oil treatment.


The BSK having somewhat taken root in the barn has finally moved into the workshop. It has also been decided to outshop the carriage in maroon instead of Chocolate and Cream so that it can become the brake carriage in the second rake.

This means the roof will be black instead of the grey that it had already been painted. Easy you say give it a coat of black job done. unfortunately its not the easy. The carriage having been in the barn for so long the roof has become, subsequent to being painted grey, covered in pigeon droppings. This due to the barn end having being open and thus popular for the a pair of pigeons to roost in.

So Bob had the dubious honour off cleaning the roof off and sanding it down for a the new top coat to bind into. Also being a hot day the temperature on the roof means that no trip to the sauna was required afterwards.

John Squires was back reassembling the vacuum pump and after refrence to earlier blog pictures realised we were a bit missing. He subsequently found it in the parts cleaning bath.

Considering the size of the bit missing I concluded that the parts cleaning bath need a clean itself.

Just 2 of the containers of slug I removed In total I removed around 40 litres of the stuff! 


Andy was also removing things in his case a rather more pleasant job of taking another window frame out of 16221. The windows either side have already been done so it seemed sensible to do the one in the middle!

With the glass out and cleaned. It was green but now you can see through it again.
Andy set about cleaning up the frame which be the end of the day was ready for the main section of glass to be refitted.

he also cleaned round the opening in the carriage and applied a coat of red oxide. The window surrounds on the Malvern side are so far proving to be in better condition that we expected with only a minor section of welding required to the inner frame work.

Bob having also completed the painting of the roof on 21092 after our water tank repairs allowed Dave Hancox to do more work on reinstalling the ceiling panels Phil having fitted the light ready to be plugged in.

The wood shavings all around are evidence of Steve working on the north vestibule of 4986. The fit of the trim and draught excluder needed considerable work but job done on the Cotswold side Steve will be able to complete the Malvern side next week ready for floor sealing to be done.

with the seats out of bounds the waving team, its part of C&W duties, relocated to the paintshop end of the works
well its always worth watching the trains go past!
We seemed to have a gathering of Fire Buckets at the moment. So Alex was happy painting 'FIRE' on them before going up to Toddington to painting the lettering back on a loco.

By the end of the day the vacuum pump was working and had had an initial test.

The benches were just about dry

and Bob had taken clean to new heights having swept the roof of 34929 he then mopped it. It will still need another spot wash before it can be painted black.

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