Monday, 15 April 2019

Saturday - Nearly there

It was definitely a 'nearly' day in C&W with a number of things almost completed but eventually still needing a little more attention.

James was asked to make a drainage grill recently and today he collected the rebar to do the job. A not quite perfect test for the platform trolley the bars were rather to long. However, the trolley did help get the bars moved.

With the bars cut to length and the frame ready it was a case of assembling the parts.

Job done

and weight test.

The only catch is that the Drainage Team want two of these grids and there wasn't enough rebar to complete the second one.

Ian and John Hamer set about competing a fitness to run exam on the LMS brake van. After a lot of effort lasting much of the day the brake rigging was totally oiled but one rigging hanger was found to be stuck solid and wouldn't free up. It will have to wait until the Wednesday when hopefully a little heat will help to free things up.

Having found a leak in the south end water tank system last week which Phil repaired we got to retest the system today. That was successful so we moved on to reconnect the pipework only to find that in removing it to investigate the leak one of the pipes had sheered. After much deliberation we had to completely remove the right hand filler pipe to cut a new thread on the end.
Another step back as one of the securing nut wouldn't come off. some damaged metalwork and paint work later John Squires and Phil were able to recut the thread. Then they had to make adjustments to get the pipe connection to reach the filler boss on the carriage.


 After several 'adjustments' and re fit trials it was fitting but to late in the day to complete the roof work and seal everything up. So it will also have to wait until Wednesday.

During all the activity John was also reassembling the vacuum pum. This also refused to go back together easily. Then the HELPFUL suggestion was made to try it the other way round. It worked in that it all assembled and ran when we turned it on.

Its novel to find a device sucking air into the exhaust pipe. Note to self ignore HELPFUL advise! Still at least we know it runs. we just have to dismantle it again and reassemble it the right way round. The remarkable thing is we didn't have any bits left over.

With the welders moving into top gear on 16221 we have to start working on the windows themselves. All the windows will be coming out. This being a CK the window arrangement is unusual so there are 19 windows to do. As we don't want them all laying round the workshop we are endeavouring to refurbish and refit them as we go.

To that end Dennis was stripped this frame and glass apart cleaned the frame and we fitted new rubber seal. The window opening having been repaired the frame can be reinstalled next week. The next frame is already out and waiting!

Another refurbishment that would normally go unnoticed a DA value overhaul Its a very small value on the top but getting it seat was a fiddle.

I walked up said Hi and as Jenny looked round CLICK. Sneeky! The others must have seen me coming and walked away leaving Jenny holding the armrest in position. Theoretically Penny was cleaning up the bolt and to secure the armrest back into position.

The tidy up of 24804 continues with a thorough wash from Paul. It still needs the below sole bar fittings to be checked before it can go into service.

Also getting a spruce up was this carriage in the third rake its a marvel what some polish and Dave's elbow grease can achieve!

Does this constitute going equipped?

Andy walking away with a bucket a load of AF spanners from C&W. We haven't so far ever found an AF nut and bolt on a MK1 and the AF spanners never quite fit the bolts we do have.  So they just clutter out spanner draw and drive us up the wall when we grab the wrong one.


Iver Driver said...

Mk1's were probably made with Whitworth and BSF bolts which is why the AF's don't fit - same on 50's and 60's British cars! LOL.

Rod said...

I hope Andy did not take the one that fits the nuts on replaced carriage steps

St Blazey 1925 said...

The drainage grill looks good. Now taking orders for bespoke barbecues?
The coaching stock looks SO much better with a little polish - well done.
Regards, Paul.