Friday, 8 March 2019

Wednesday - stretching out the jobs

You will soon be able to take a seat in TSO 4986 the second of the green carriages purchased from Riviera trains.

Today the upholstery team installed the seat bases bass. A job that requires much sitting down with lots of huffing as you endeavour to get the seat location lugs to drop into place. They do go in but rarely without some pushing and shoving.

Job done.

while we are on seats. David was prepping this RBr chair ready for varnishing.

It was just a co-incidence and not, as was suggested, a refurbishment of the departmental commode. Phil was sorting out fixing for the toilet seat from 21092. They happened to both be using the same work bench.

Dave Ward was busy making new battery boxes for BSK 32949

while John Varley was trimming the lengths of steel tube being used to renew the floor supports.

Nick subsequently welding them into place.

The 5th set of door panels for 4986 out for varnishing

while Rod completed some lining out on the edge of the door.

On the BCK 21092 Geoff was fitting the replacement panels on 2 doors.

Having completed the floor bars John Varley got back to making new lids for a couple of Milk churns that have been donated to the railway.

In the barn Ken was making some good progress overhauling a gangway connector. The eagle eyted will notice it is marked up for 24006. A recent arrival at the railway an owned by 2 members of the department it is the oldest Mk1 in existence but lacked one gangway connector until now. This is not an indication that we are starting work on it. Just a opportunity to do this tidy up and get the frame out of the work.

The U frame section was also getting some attention but this one is for 7221 when it comes into the works.

We have been working of a number of tidy up jobs recently. This is another one a seized coupling.

which by the end of the day has been successfully freed up.

Yet another tidy up. This porter trolley has been standing in the works for a while but as Tony was looking for something to do we thought another ideal artefact to join one of the station scenes.

while we are on artefacts the stretcher was moved to storage today. ASs we did so we noted the lettering on the side. 'A.D.S.J.A.B.'  Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

AD? SJAB St. Johns Ambulance Brigade perhaps.

Thanks for the excellent blogs, Graham

Ken said...

We got the St John's Ambulance connection.

I think they are normally arranged into Districts. So A_______ District perhaps?

Chrustopher said...

What about Aldershot District?